Carmex Lip Balm with Style

Posted on March 29, 2012 in Archives by Katie Oskin

This is a unique lip balm that you can take anywhere and reuse the lid forever! I have taken a Carmex Lip Balm Pot and covered the lid with polymer clay.  The Carmex Lip Balm is store bought. The Carmex lid topper is 100% HANDMADE & DESIGNED BY ME. The best part is that once you have used the lip balm, you can use this lid on your NEXT Carmex lip balm. Just throw the bottom part away and keep the top. 

We will be doing several of these to see how you (our fans, followers, & customers) like them.  I made one for myself around Christmas time using my favorite lip balm container, medicated blistex.  I was unsure if this would work since the lids are plastic and might melt in the oven.  Sure enough, it worked!  I made mine using the sutton slice technique and a flower center.  Look for this design coming soon to our Carmex lip balm toppers as well.
The idea for this project is inspired by Lisa Pavelka!

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