Halloween Chubbies are Here

Posted on September 28, 2011 in Archives by Katie Oskin


They are here!  Our new line of Chubbies for Halloween has been released.  Our Chubbies have been hugely popular in our store.  We have been so pleased the you have liked & enjoyed our creativity in making such cute little fellows for you to enjoy.

Chubby Ghost Figure #1

We were challenged by one of our customers last year to make a collectible (other than Parker) that was small, easy to collect, cute, round, and at a price point of $7.00.  We achieved that with out line of Chubbies.  When we created the first spring line of Chubbies, Chubby Birds, we did not expect to see immediate success.  Some of our original Chubby Birds can still be found in our store.

Chubby Ghost Figure #2

We hope that you enjoy this line of Halloween CHUBBY GHOSTS as much as you have enjoyed our fall CHUBBY OWLS.  Please remember, as with the CHUBBY OWLS & BIRDS, these CHUBBY GHOSTS are OOAK, Limited Edition figurines.  This means that there is only 1 of each Chubby and they will NOT be remade or relisted.  As before, there will be one new CHUBBY GHOST listed every weekday.  In less than 2 weeks, all 12 of the CHUBBY GHOSTS will be released and available for adoption in our store.

Our Fall CHUBBY OWLS sold very quickly.  Of the 12 that we made, there are only 5 left in our store.  If you see one you like and want to purchase, you may want to consider adopting it quickly.  Once a Chubby is adopted, he is wrapped up, and shipped to its new parents.
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