I’m Addicted to Pinterest

Posted on October 19, 2011 in Archives by Katie Oskin

Pinterst 75We all have addictions in our lives…some are good and some are bad.  I think my particular addiction to Pinterest is both good AND bad.  Pinterest is the latest in a montage of social media overnight successes…it requires an invitation to join.  While some people feel this is silly, with its’ popularity, pinterest is backlogged by MONTHS in accepting new requests to join.  Your best bet to becoming a member, get an invite from someone who is a member.  (Comment below with your email address and I’ll invite you to join.)

I’ll tell you why my addiction has positive and negative side effects:

My Addiction is Good:

  • It provides a way for me to quickly see what is “trending” this season.
  • My computer screen is filled with craft ideas, DIY, gift ideas, seasonal decor and so much more.
  • You can make it your own!When you are in a creative rut, you can make a board entitled “inspiration” to help get you through those creatively “dry” seasons.  Check out my board of inspiration here.
    • Create your own “board” (think of it as a cork board) and “pin” anything you like to the correct “board.”
    • You can name your boards anything you want, I have one entitled “cake-tastic” and another entitled “Space, the final frontier.”  It’s an open forum…post what YOU want to!

My Addiction is Bad:

  • The graphic above explains it all!  There is no more to say.  Period.
If you are on pinterest, come over and join the fun and follow me here.
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Kendra + Patricia at Sweet Magnolia Way
October 20, 2011

>Pinterest truly is so much fun, and I have found great ideas ~ but so very addicting.

Mine: http://pinterest.com/patricia9/

October 19, 2011

>Pinterest is fabulous… and horrible! I need to stay away from it if I plan on accomplishing anything during the day!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations)
October 19, 2011

>LOL! Pinterest is very addicting! And very inspirational!


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