Pet Rock Crazy!

Posted on November 15, 2010 in Archives by Katie Oskin

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a pet rock for your best friend?  Most likely your parent or someone at school gave you your first pet rock.  You probably cherished him/her and carried it with you wherever you went.  I remember my pet rock.  In fact, I had a whole container of pet rocks.  I would go out in the driveway or the field across from my house and collect “strange” and “unusual” rocks.  Then I would color them with crayons.  Each one had a special “something” about it.  I gave them powers and each one had a secret ability and secret name.  They were some of my very best imaginary friends.

Well, the pet rock has made a comeback.  The internet is filled with lots of pet rocks, all just waiting for good homes, children with vivid imaginations, the dieter who needs some help, or the prayerful that needs a reminder to pray!  Pet rocks have hundreds of uses!  The ways to use your pet rocks is completely up to you.

This morning we did an entire treasury on the beloved and timeless pet rock!  Stop on over and share the love and excitement of what might become a new childhood favorite for your little one!

‘Pet Rock – Oh How I’ve Missed You!’ by toystorynutty

Remember your very best childhood friend, your pet rock?! Back in style and sure to please any child or make an adult laugh this Christmas. Pet Rocks are great for children’s imagination, but they’re also great for adults who need reminders, a symbol of strength, or just a friend!



Sedimentary Pet Rock Pl…


Grumpy Pet Rock Plushie


Lola the Pet Rock


Pebble Pet Family


my pet rock


Key Lime


Sparkly Twins Pet Rocks


Pet Rock


Pet Rock with Friend


Pet Rock (2 Cool Dudes)…


Pet Rock Charm Necklace


Pet Rocks for a Fundrai…


Smiling pet rock


my pet CRACK rock pin


Petrified Tribbles, bri…


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November 15, 2010

>Thanks!!! There's a lot more on Etsy too!

miss chris
November 15, 2010

>What fun! I can't believe you found so many pet rocks.

Rock on! 🙂


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