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Posted on November 18, 2010 in Archives by Katie Oskin


Thanksgiving is just around the corner…and as I begin to get the menu ready, find out how many people we are going to have in our home, and the other details of the day…I also like to have something handmade on my table.

This year I decided that I would again make something myself for my holiday table. Last year we took fragrant cinnamon sticks, bundled them, tied them up with ribbons, and used them as place card holders. But the ingenious part of this idea was that each bundle doubled as a Christmas Tree Ornament!

This year I decided to do something different. I had recently asked three of my best girlfriends with children to save their baby food jars. I have made snowman jars in the past, but I thought that this year a Thanksgiving Tea Light might be just the ticket.

So this morning, in the midst of thinking about stuffing, potatoes, turkey, and even turkey chowder the following day…I made tea lights for my family! I love the way that the thought of a nice warm meal with the people I love can spawn my creative side. Once again, our table with be decorated with something special, unique, and something NO ONE else will ever have.

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Christie Cottage
November 19, 2010

>Sometimes we just can't ghet our pictures posted. I make tea lights too. I have about 3 left for my show this Saturday and then I am nmot making any more of them for a long while! LOL I made too many of them too may years in a roll. LOL

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you will stop by my blog and enter my current giveaway.

Have a wonderful day!


November 18, 2010

>I tried to post a picture….but it won't let me. So maybe later in the afternoon it will let me.

Until then, go to my FaceBook Page to view these cuties:


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