New Thanksgiving CHUBBY TURKEYS

Posted on October 27, 2011 in Archives by Katie Oskin

Meet the Thanksgiving Day Cuties:
For Thanksgiving of 2011, we are releasing CHUBBY TURKEYS. In the Spring of 2011 we released our Chubby Birds, in Fall 2011 we released our Chubby Owls, and Halloween of 2011 brought our Chubby Ghosts. Our line for Thanksgiving are these darling CHUBBY TURKEYS. These can not be made to order, they are all a limited edition (LE) turkey. Each turkey is completely different in size, shape, expression, tail color, feet color, “snood” color, & cheek color. Each CHUBBY TURKEY is only made 1 time, this guarantees that the chubby turkey you purchase will be one-of-a-kind (OOAK).  As with our other CHUBBIES, we will only release 1 new Chubby a day (during week days only).  This means that all 12 will be released over a 2 week time frame.  When you see the CHUBBY TURKEY you want, don’t waste time, buy it right away, as these little cuties won’t last long!  Please remember, these are NOT made to order and they will NOT be reproduced, remade in any way.  Get them while they are available.  Figurine #1 is pictured at right.  Only 2 figurines have been released at this time.

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October 28, 2011

>They are so cute!!!


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