The German Pickle Ornament

Posted on November 23, 2011 in Archives by Katie Oskin


It is a long standing German tradition that a pickle is used as decoration on the Christmas tree. When decorating the Christmas tree, it is traditional to hang the pickle last, hidden among the branches. The first child on Christmas Day to find the Christmas pickle receives a special blessing for the year and an extra gift! Share this tradition today with your family. 

This is our version of THE CHRISTMAS PICKLE.  Like the true glass German Pickle before him this Polymer Clay Pickle is also an ornament. Click on the pickle above to purchase a brand new, handmade Polymer Clay Christmas Pickle Ornament. Each pickle is made with Premo Polymer Clay in evergreen. Every pickle contains a glitter inclusion that will definitely allow your pickle to sparkle in your Christmas tree. In addition, glitter has been added at the top and bottom pickle markings to dazzle the eye!