Etsy Store Cohesion

Posted on April 24, 2012 in Build Your Brand by Katie Oskin


Today we’re going to talk about something different in your branding: the “cohesion” of your Etsy store, or other online store.  However, this article is geared specifically to your Etsy store. Learn how to Build Your Brand and turn your store into a store that people want to shop at, are eager to buy from, and looks professional too.
One of the things that I am a HUGE advocate of is arranging your Etsy store in a cohesive manner that looks like it has had forethought and planning (more on this in a minute).

Here’s the tough part for most Etsians.  The do’s and the don’ts.

The biggest thing for your Etsy store is to have only “like minded” items in your Etsy store front.  

Why is this important?  This is important because you don’t want people to feel “overwhelmed” that you do a little bit of everything.  They will feel like they are going to a garage sale or a flea market, even though everything in your store is handmade.

The Don’ts of Your Etsy Store:

  • Do NOT mix vintage & handmade on Etsy.  Do one or the other, but NOT both, at least not in the same store front.
  • Do not sell multiple mediums in one Etsy store. If you sell photography, don’t add your paintings, jewelry, crochet, and needlework to the same store.  This is too overwhelming for your buyers.  If your buyers want photographers they will go to shops that specialize in this.  Remember, this is all about “building your brand.”  In order to “build your brand,” you must first decide WHAT your brand is. Perhaps you make knitted hats and your store is filled with pages of hats.  Does this mean you can’t add gloves, socks, or scarves…absolutely NOT, it’s the same “genre” of artistic talent.  Run with it and do so happily.

What You MUST Do: Sort, Organize, & Stay Organized

Use the “custom sort” feature in your Etsy store. So where do you begin in ‘sorting’ your store?  That’s a good question.  You begin with whatever items are your favorites, or your “brand” image.  If you look at our store, you will see that all of our Parker Scenes appear first on our shop page.  Why?  Parker is not only our “brand.”  But many people come to our store, just for Parker.  You will then see the other cute & popular items in the pages that follow, each with their own distinctive “sorted” theme or pattern.

Initially it might take more work.  At the time this article was written, my Etsy store has over 440 items, so keeping them “sorted” is of high importance and often takes a lot of extra work.  But, the extra work is worth it.  I know that when my customers go page by page through my store that they will find something that they like and appreciate because I took the time to “sort” the store myself.
Here’s the downside, no matter what you do, when someone shops in your Etsy store and clicks on one of your categories you can not “sort” those.  They are sorted by Etsy automatically as ‘most recently listed’ and there’s nothing you can do to change this.  But these pages are (in my mind) not as crucial as the homepage where people will land on your store and get 10 seconds to decide whether they like your store enough to shop, or not.
Join us next week for more of our “Build Your Brand” series.


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