How to Get it All Done & Still Have Time to Read a Book

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One of my forum friends on Etsy, ClassyAndSassyCharms, recently asked me how do I get it all done.  I have an online store on Etsy, a blog with posts everyday, new items listed every day, renewed items daily, a FaceBook page (both personal & business), plus have time to create in my studio, get all the housework done, and serve as a minister in my church.  How do I do it?  What a great question.
So here’s some tips on how to “get it all done.”  Especially for those days when life is hectic and there’s a thousand things to do.  The biggest thing I can tell you is to BE ORGANIZED.  Sorry everyone, behind 95% of success stories are someone who’s organized.  I participate in what I call the “daily grind” method.  Every single day I have a “to do” list.  My list includes all the standard things (ie: make bed, pack hubby’s lunch, wash dishes, etc) as well as the things that are specific to each day.  Now let’s be honest….my to do list is DIGITAL (on my iPhone using the ToDo app)….so most things pop up automatically for me.  At least the things that are “routine” and regular.  Here’s how I get through my day.
The other important detail: KEEP A NOTEBOOK….ALWAYS.  Since my username is “toystorynutty” which originated from my original store on eBay almost 10 years ago, I keep a ToyStory notebook with all my business things in it.  There’s also a cute pencil that I stick down the spiral.  This way, WHENEVER I have an idea, thought, or a new creative idea pops into my head, I write it down.  This means that I won’t forget and whenever I get there….I get there.
First, lets begin with the obvious…I get up at 5:30 or 6am EVERY DAY and I go to bed around 11pm.
Get my beloved husband out the door with breakfast, coffee, OJ, vitamins, & a packed lunch.
This is a VERY important part of my daily routine.  It is this that sets my day off on a positive note.  I pray every morning that the Holy Spirit will enrich my life and allow me to see His vision.  This takes about 30-45minutes…but it’s time I would NEVER spend any other way!
This is a complex and highly organized way to look at things, but it works for me.  Every day I clean only ONE room of my house.  For example, on Monday it’s the bedroom…Tuesday, Dining Room…Wednesday, Kitchen….Thursday, Office…..Friday, Living Room….Saturday, Bathroom.  It’s that easy.  If you spend just 15 minutes a day cleaning, you’ll save yourself heartache and discouragement later.  Also, I vacuum religiously on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (we have a dog and she sheds…a lot).  I clean windows/mirrors on Thursdays.  I do laundry on Monday & Thursdays.  But there are also the daily things that I do right away.  After hubby leaves I immediately empty the dishwasher, put dirty dishes into it, and start the laundry.
#4 – QUICK (and I mean quick) EMAIL SCAN
Just filter and throw out the junk & spam.  Then see if there’s anything that needs addressed IMMEDIATELY….if not, it waits until later.
I review my list of errands and things I need to do that day.  Whether it be Doctors appointments, groceries, banking, church, etc.  If I am going to leave the house I write down at what time and then I prioritize the rest of my day.
Always in the morning I review and relist any expired or inactive listings from my Etsy store.  Every day I list at LEAST 3 renewed/inactive items.  My goal for 2011 was to list 1 NEW item a day as well (taking only Sundays off)…so far, so good.  Once they are listed I use the Sidebar to quickly upload my links to Twitter, then I copy & paste them to FaceBook.
This is that “personal time” for myself.  A second (or sometimes third) cup of coffee, a light breakfast, and a glass of OJ or V8.  Then I shower and get ready for the rest of my day.  By this time it’s usually around 9am or so.
This includes updating records & receipts.  Making lists of things I need (online or local stores) by way of supplies and material.  It also includes the never-pleasant task of balancing your checkbook.
Usually by around 10am or so, I’m already popping onto the forums with my listings relisted/renewed.  I can promote my new items, view others new things, and make some great friends.
Around 12noon I sit down for lunch…and typically spend the next few hours working at my other job, being a minister.  I make phone calls, write up lessons, work on Bible studies, and anything else my boss (who happens to be my hubby) needs me to do.
#11 – CREATE
When all the “work” is done, it’s time to create (with my cup of coffee in hand – usually cup #3 by now)!  I spend about 20 hours a week in my studio…which breaks down to just a few hours a day.  I sit and make new things, work on old ideas, pinch, squeeze, sculpt, smash, twist, and bend for hours…..ah, relaxation.
Photograph the new items (the day before’s creations if the varnish is dry) and write the new ad.  I make a point to only list 1 or 2 NEW items a day.  This gives me plenty of things to list in the future should a need at the church come up, or appointments that keep me away from home all day.
We all know that my hubby and I eat from a meal plan.  To find out more about this, see my previous post.  Dinner’s never stressful or worrisome because I always know what we’re having and how long it will take to make it.
Here’s my best kept secret.  I blog the night before (or several days sometimes) ahead of the actual posting date.  This means that I can blog whenever I’m inspired!  It’s not a chore or an effort…it’s actually fun.  In fact this won’t post until Monday the 10th….but I’m writing it on Friday night, the 7th.  Shhhhh!
#15 – MY TIME
By this time it’s usually around 7pm or so.  All the “work” is done.  All that’s left is to have a decaf cup of coffee (I don’t want to be up all night you know), fold some laundry perhaps, and spend the rest of the night doing what I want to do….not what I have to do.
Please understand, my husband & I do not have kids….this helps my time management.  Also, I work from HOME, with rare exception.  In addition, this schedule does NOT work everyday…but I condense hours in the same format everyday so that everything that is important always gets done!  I hope you had a good time reading.  Remember, don’t take life too seriously…but know what your goals are and where you’re headed, because it’s a lot more fun along the way!  And most importantly, listen to that still small voice inside of you leading the way.
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January 11, 2011

>WOW Bonnie – I bet it DID get messy in a hurry.

January 10, 2011

>Katie, that is so true for me too..If things are cluttered or unclean, my mind just seems to shut down and I can't get myself or my thoughts together..I raised 4 kids and believe me things could get messy in a hurry..

Kara Lennox
January 10, 2011

>This is how I WANT to be. A far cry from the reality.

January 10, 2011

>Katie…thanks so much for going through the steps of your day! My goal for 2011 is to USE my time management skills! Embarrassed to say I use to TEACH the Franklin Covey time management system and know very well how to use it! Somehow since I've been retired and on etsy, I seem to have forgotten what I KNOW works!!! You've got me inspired to start planning and scheduling more earnestly!

January 10, 2011

>Bonnie – A friend once told me that a "Cluttered House leads to a cluttered mind." For me, this is true, for others, not so much.

January 10, 2011

>Thanks Sandy – I appreciate the sentiment. We've done this for over a year now and only spend $60 a week on groceries!

Sandy's Creations
January 10, 2011

How easy it is when your organized. I remember years ago, (being a family of five) I used to post my dinner menu for the week. This is one thing that made my life easier, especially when it came time for grocery shopping.

I love your time management!!!

January 10, 2011

>I luv this post Katie, a few years ago I found a website called that was a dream for me to finally get organized, now I have to admit, I'm not as organized as I want to be, but I'm getting there one day at a time..I truly believe that without clutter in my life and being more organized, helps me be a more creative person..


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