Polymer Clay Dragons – Parker’s New Friends

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Emie, Polymer Clay Dragon, Handmade by KatersAcres

Emie, Polymer Clay Dragon, Handmade by KatersAcres


Every fantasy world has dragons rights? Not exactly … but Parker did just find something pretty awesome … the “Magical Creatures Containment Zone.”

Polymer Clay Dragons by KatersAcres

How Parker Found the Dragons

Recently while Parker was exploring Kater’s Acres, he found a wall of brick overgrown with moss. There was a bright yellow plaque behind the moss, but he couldn’t read what it said. As curious as ever, Parker took his hand and pushed back the moss to reveal a sign that read “Magical Creature Containment Zone.” Parker just knew he had to find out what laid behind that wall, waiting for him to find. As he searched and found each dragon, he gave them a quick kiss on their head, where a now permanent “Parker shaped spot” appears.

Independence Day Trio: Boomer, Glory, & Liberty Parker by KatersAcres

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Janet Lima
March 1, 2016

I would like to purchase the Steampunk Dragon Trio if they are available.

Thank you!


March 1, 2016

Hi Janet! Two of the three dragons have already been adopted. Mordecai is still available for adoption here:


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