2015 Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 48

Posted on December 3, 2015 in Polymer Clay Challenge, Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Challenge

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 48 with #KatersAcres #2015PCChallenge

Week 48

The countdown is on and the year is quickly disappearing. My 2015 polymer clay challenge was to create (at least) one polymer clay dragon & one new Parker a week. You can read my personal challenge here. Each participant is encouraged to challenge themselves to something they want to do. Let’s see what this week brought me…

Meet Mama Sugar

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 48 with #KatersAcres #2015PCChallengeFound deep within the Magical Creature Containment Zone of the Magical Forest, behind the mystical mushroom paradise Parker found a whole bunch of little dragons. But amongst the small little dragon, he almost missed the full grown dragon with gorgeous wings. “Hi there!” Said Mama Sugar to Parker. “What’s your name?” “Hello Ma’am … I’m Parker!” All the little dragons ran around Mama Sugar’s feet laughing and carrying on, while never letting go of their precious gumdrops. Mama Sugar told Parker all about how Gumdrop Run was found and all the gorgeous gumdrops that grow from trees, the same way that apples do.


Components Used: Hand-blended Custom Color Premo! Polymer ClayGlass eBeadsMica PowdersBlending Chalks, Ultra Fine Metallic Glitter, Acrylic Paint

 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge

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