Magical Forest: Dragons

Posted on June 30, 2014 in Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Dragons

Polymer Clay Dragons by KatersAcres

Last week Parker discovered a new area of Kater’s Acres! Did you see it? Did you miss it? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here now to see what Parker found.

The Magical Forest

Last week while Parker© was exploring Kater’s Acres, he found a wall of brick overgrown with moss. There was a bright yellow plaque behind the moss, but he couldn’t read what it said. As curious as ever, Parker took his hand and pushed back the moss to reveal a sign that read “Magical Creature Containment Zone.” Parker just knew he had to find out what laid behind that wall, waiting for him to find. As he searched and found each dragon, he gave them a quick kiss on their head, where a now permanent “Parker shaped spot” appears. These three dragons were found by Parker deep inside the Magical Forest. Let’s meet the Dragons now!


"Bumper-Sprite" Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcresBumper-Sprite is a high spirited, fun loving, and humorous dragon. He loves to stick out his tongue at anything that smiles, including you! He bounced all around Parker as they traveled throughout the Magical Forest. He told jokes (even not-so-funny jokes) and he bounced around Parker all day long. Before Parker went home, Bumper-Sprite received a kiss on the top of his head where a Parker shaped spot now appears.


"Juice" Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcresJuice is a bright orange dragon who was found hiding in the midst of an orange grove in the Magical Forest. Her bright orange personality means she’s happy-go-lucky all the time! In fact, she can often be found checking her horns to make sure they are all sparkly, just like she’s doing here.


"Petunia" Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcresPetunia is one of the most soft spoken dragons you will ever meet. She is incredibly shy and prone to hiding, just like she was when Parker found her. Petunia lives in the Magical Forest with her other dragon friends. But unlike some of her other dragon friends, Petunia hides. Her favorite place to hide is behind giant tree trunks. Parker found her hiding behind an old oak tree. Her paw was sticking out and Parker could just see her toe. So he spoke softly to her. After several minutes Petunia emerged, head down and tail between her legs. Parker sat next to her and they talked for hours. Before he left her, Parker gave Petunia a kiss on the nose, where her “Parker shaped spot” now appears.

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