Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 6

Posted on February 11, 2016 in Polymer Clay Challenge, Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Challenge

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 6 "Snark" with #KatersAcres #2016PCChallenge

Snark the Dragon – Week 6

This week brought me Snark, the dragon! My 2016 polymer clay challenge is to create (at least) one polymer clay fantasy creature (in this week’s case a polymer clay dragon) a week, one old man sculpture a month, and one marionette a month. Each participant in the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge is encouraged to make something they want and decide on their own theme for the year.

Meet Snark

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 6 "Snark" with #KatersAcres #2016PCChallengeSnark is a new kind of dragon. Snark is from the Snaggletooth clan. Though he’s not an elder dragon (yet), he’s got a few tricks he’s dying to show you. You must be careful around Snark however. He’s quick witted, hot tempered, and has a nasty bite. Despite that, he’s still looking for a new home.


Components Used: Hand-blended Custom Color Premo! Polymer ClayGlass eBeadsMica PowdersBlending ChalksAcrylic Paint, Cotton Cording

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