Polymer Clay Dragon, Limery

Posted on August 22, 2014 in Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

New Polymer Clay Dragon

Meet Limery the Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcres


Meet Limery

Adopt Me ButtonMeet Limery the Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcresNot every dragon can boast that he has special powers, but Limery … oh yes, Limery has very special powers. Limery is a brave little dragon, but he has always been made fun of because he has a nose like no other dragon. Limery can smell anything and everything, in fact it’s his special power. There is nothing that can hide from Limery. His nose might be long, but it allows him to smell Parker (and even Parker’s lunch) about a mile away. As Parker was journeying through the Magical Creature Containment Zone, he had gotten tired & decided that lunch was the best remedy. As Parker munched on his PB&J, Limery appeared and sat down next to Parker. Limery always seems to appear when there’s food close-by.

How Limery Was Made

Limery is handmade in NW Pennsylvania, USA. Limery is sculpted by hand with polymer clay in custom color blends of a dark glistening bluish-green with bright lime green, & sparkling pink accents. White acrylic paint has been used at add accent details. These dragons are a limited edition, one of a kind (OOAK) dragon & will not be remade.

Where the Dragons Came From

One day while Parker was exploring Kater’s Acres, he found a wall of brick overgrown with moss deep within the Magical Forest. There was a bright yellow plaque behind the moss, but he couldn’t read what it said. As curious as ever, Parker took his hand and pushed back the moss to reveal a sign that read “Magical Creature Containment Zone.” Parker just knew he had to find out what laid behind that wall, waiting for him to find. As he searched and found each dragon, he gave them a quick kiss on their head, where a now permanent “Parker shaped spot” appears.

Parker Gallery by KatersAcres

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