Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragons

Posted on January 5, 2015 in Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

NEW Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragons

Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragon Set by KatersAcres


Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragon Set

Meet Oliver, Mordecai, & Bessie

Adopt Me ButtonThese three dragons are ready to steal your heart and your home. They are now available for individual adoption in my Etsy shop. As with all my items, these dragons will not be remade or duplicated in any likeness … so hurry on over and adopt a polymer clay steampunk dragon to be your new best friend today!


Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragon "Oliver" by KatersAcresOliver is a metallicious spruce green color. He loves his gears, metal, & chain. Oliver is a dragon from future’s past who’s traveling through the Magical Forest looking for his friends. Will you be one of Oliver’s new friends?


Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragon "Mordecai" by KatersAcresMordecai is a special sort of steampunk dragon. Mordecai is keeper of time. He carries a clock hand with him, with gears sticking out of his head, and a gear trail down his back, you just know Mordecai is destined to be great! Mordecai is looking for a new home before time runs out! Will you give Mordecai a forever home? He’s waiting on you.


Polymer Clay Steampunk Dragon "Bessie" by KatersAcresBessie is a delightful little Steampunk girl who’s always on the go and ready for a friend. Bessie has a heart of gold that resonates from her light yellow metallic skin. Bessie is never without her harness, her chain links, and a few spare gears. After all, she never knows where she’ll end up next. Won’t you give Bessie a forever home with you?


Where the Dragons Came From

One day while Parker was exploring Kater’s Acres, he found a wall of brick overgrown with moss deep within the Magical Forest. There was a bright yellow plaque behind the moss, but he couldn’t read what it said. As curious as ever, Parker took his hand and pushed back the moss to reveal a sign that read “Magical Creature Containment Zone.” Parker just knew he had to find out what laid behind that wall, waiting for him to find. As he searched and found each dragon, he gave them a quick kiss on their head, where a now permanent “Parker shaped spot” appears.

Parker Gallery by KatersAcres

Visit The Gallery and see all Parker’s Dragon friends in one place


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