We’re Featured in Kelly Designs Newsletter

Posted on February 29, 2012 in Build Your Brand, Kater's Acres by Katie Oskin

What an honor to find our shop mentioned it Kelly Designs newsletter yesterday.  Kelly writes a wonderful newsletter all about establishing your small business, branding yourself, marketing helps, and techniques.

Here’s what she writes:
“A quick note about your facebook business page avatar. If you have a good picture of yourself, use it. People like to talk to other people. If you use your logo, it’s a bit impersonal and if you use your product, people feel they are being sold to. I know that on etsy, I highly recommend that you use an image of your product, not a logo or portrait. That’s a discussion for another newsletter. On facebook and twitter, use your picture in the avatar. (I’m having my picture taken just for this reason, hopefully this week)  Social media is about being SOCIAL. That said, there are exceptions. An example would be Kater’s Acres. The “face” of Kater’s Acres is the loveable Parker and he is the avatar for their facebook page.”  Click here to view the whole newsletter.

It is tough for a small business to succeed on Etsy or anywhere online.  You have to know your target audience as well as your brand.  We have been working this past month very diligently on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our store.  While our store has been overhauled to hopefully reach our target audience better, our ads have a long way yet to go; but it is a constant work in progress.

We are so humbled to be mentioned in Kelly’s newsletter.  We would encourage each of our readers to check out her newsletter and her blog and get yourself properly marketed online.


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