Laurie Mika Tin Shrine Class – Polymer Clay Adventure Year 2

Posted on January 25, 2016 in Offers, Polymer Clay Adventure by Katie Oskin

Laurie Mika Tin Shrine Class

Laurie Mika Tiny Tin Shrine Class - Polymer Clay Adventure, Year 2Polymer Clay Adventure, Year 2

I thoroughly loved the 2015 Polymer Clay Adventure, and so far this year, I’m loving the second year of the Polymer Clay Adventure even more. Even though I’m a teacher for the 2016 Adventure, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy taking many of the classes myself.

Tiny Tin Shrines

Ancient Egyptian Tin Shrine from Laurie Mika's Class, PCA 2016 Made by Katie Oskin of KatersAcresIt’s really no secret that I love mixed media. If it involved paint, a mess, multiple design types, and clay … I’m all in! I loved Laurie’s class last year, Mini Gothic Shrines. But this year’s Laurie Mika Tin Shrines Class is right up my alley! Laurie taught students how to alter your tin, use foils, paint, decoupage, and many other materials to design your own mini shrines. I have always had a love for Ancient Egypt, so I seized the opportunity to make this little shrine as a nod to my love of their history.
Ancient Egyptian Tin Shrine from Laurie Mika's Class, PCA 2016 Made by Katie Oskin of KatersAcresHere’s a few details that I added into my shrine:

  • A Pharaoh mask, decked out in gorgeous vintage stones from B’Sue Boutiques [watch my video about these here].
  • Stacked hieroglyphs of all kinds
  • The word “Egypt” on the inside bottom of the tin (yes, I did write that myself)
  • My name, “Katie,”  in a cartouche on the front of the shrine
  • A faux lapis stone on the front
  • And one of my favorites, a nicely hidden beetle on the front left corner

Ancient Egyptian Tin Shrine from Laurie Mika's Class, PCA 2016 Made by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres

You Can Take This Class Too!

Lisa Pavelka Class, Wave Spinner Ring for the Polymer Clay AdventureIf you like the idea of making your own Tin Shrine, guess what? YOU CAN! When you sign up for the Polymer Clay Adventure, you get 24 classes with 22 fabulous artists. This class is just ONE of those examples. Lisa Pavelka’s class “Wave Spinner Ring” has also been released this month. I haven’t taken this class yet, but plan too in the next coming week. Does this sound like something you’d like to do? If so, I have a special offer for you.

Free Tutorial Just for Signing Up

Join the 2016 Polymer Clay AdventureYou can join the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure any time you’d like. In order to get your free tutorial, you must join using my link. [CLICK HERE NOW]

  • Pay for the entire year at once
  • Make 3 monthly payments
  • GIFT IT – It’s the perfect gifting season, gift this to someone you love!

*I’ll See You in the Adventure*


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