New Autumn Figurine: Parker & Spirit Mushroom

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Parker by Katie Oskin

New Polymer Clay Autumn Figurine

Parker & Autumn Spirit Mushroom Figurine by KatersAcres


Parker’s Story

As we all know, Parker© loves the great outdoors. This fall he’s been on a quest. A quest to find to most spirited mushroom in the forest. While on his walk one crisp fall afternoon he came upon this kindly Spirit Mushroom. He told Parker all about the secrets of the woods, about the sprites that came & visited, the flowers that danced, and even the birds that sang at twilight. Parker listened to each and every story, locking their truths away in his heart. Before he parted for the evening, he told the Spirit Mushroom that one day he would be back. One day.

How Parker Was Made

This item was handmade with Premo polymer clays and handmade millefiori caned flower petals. The highlight of this StoryBook Scene is the Spirit Mushroom. Though aged in appearance, his wisdom of the woods is unsurpassed. Parker is a character that we have created from our sketch-pad to design to reality! All our OOAK items are signed by the artist on the bottom.

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