Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes

Posted on August 27, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin

Lessons from Childhood

I have yet to have a boo boo where it doesn’t hurt at least a little.  As a child, just one kiss from Mom or Dad made it better.  But more than that, what really made everything better was a band aid.  In fact, something my Dad taught me when I was younger was to wear a bright band aid, that way everyone would know you were hurt and you could get a little sympathy.  Not for that reason, but because of the cuteness of youth band aids, my house is stocked with a full supply of Harry Potter, Winnie the Poor, Angry Birds, and Mickey Mouse Band Aids.  Parker isn’t so lucky…

Band Aid Parker - Polymer Clay Figurine by KatersAcres, 2012©Why isn’t Parker as lucky?  Because Parker doesn’t have cool band aids.  But, Parker did get hurt.  Poor Parker.  This is one of the few Parker scenes that Parker does not have a smile on his face.

Band Aid to the Rescue

Parker has had a very busy summer.  He’s been to the beach and the ocean, he’s gone surfing, and snorkeling.  Not to mention that he’s even found a watch factory, made friends with a mushroom, and played with bugs.  But this past week a strange and unusual occurrence happened to Parker.

Studio Mishap

While Parker was busy building his studio this week, he fell down several times. The first time he tripped going up the stairs.  One time he tripped on the cat and another time fell on the dog.  But the fall that caused the injury was the time he bonked his head and he bonked his toe all at the same time. Poor Parker.

Visit to the Doctor

Parker was then taken very carefully to the doctor where he was listened to, given a gauze wrap, a bag of ice, and two bright red band aids to take home, as well as a band aid on his head and foot where his injuries occurred.  Parker sits on a large polymer clay band aide as his base.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you?  

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Linda B
August 27, 2012

Parker needs cool band-aids. And, maybe a Miss Parker to cheer him up? LOL

August 27, 2012

Cute Linda! Ms. Parker. Don’t worry….Parker does have a significant other, but she won’t be released until January.


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