Handmade Polymer Clay Figurine – Butterfly Lolly

Posted on April 1, 2013 in Parker by Katie Oskin

Butterfly Lolly StoryBook Scene Handmade Polymer Clay Figurine from KatersAcresNew and exciting things are coming to Kater’s Acres this spring!  This Lolly is just one of many handmade polymer clay figurines who will make her spring appearance in our Etsy shop.  She’s a lot of fun and has a great story to tell in this Limited Edition StoryBook Scene.

Butterfly Lolly – Handmade Polymer Clay Figurine

Her Story:

Butterfly Lolly StoryBook Scene Handmade Polymer Clay Figurine from KatersAcres

Lolly is getting ready for spring! As Lolly makes her way through the forest day after day, tiny little winged creatures fly by her. One day when Lolly was looking for her friend, she stopped as a beautiful pink butterfly perched on the log next to her. She sat and watched it flapping it’s wings in a subtle, perfect rhythm. Lolly went home that night and had delightful dreams of turning into a butterfly …

How Lolly Was Made:

This scene is hand made from polymer clay with handmade millefiori caned butterfly wings. A custom spring color blend of fuchsia, yellow, orange, and greens were marbled to create Lolly’s base.  Millefiori flowers were cut & added to her base along with a jumbo acrylic flower.  Three different sized butterflies were also handmade using the same millifiori cane of Lolly’s wings and added to decorate the base.  Don’t wait, adopt this handmade polymer clay figurine today.

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