New StoryBook Figurine: Don’t Wake the Dragon Parker!

Posted on January 14, 2013 in Parker, Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie


Don't Wake the Dragon Parker StoryBook Scene - Handmade Polymer Clay Sculpture by KatersAcres

Many months ago I created this “sculpted” dragon.  It is very unlike the dragons that I am writing tutorials for and making for the Friesen Project … Very truly, the reason I made him is because I wanted to make some awesome dragon wings…so without further ago, come and meet “Don’t Wake the Dragon” Parker.

Parker’s Story:

Don't Wake the Dragon Parker - Polymer Clay Sculpted StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres on EtsyParker has discovered something strange in Kater’s Acres … DRAGONS! Parker was climbing up Mount Neydis one day. It was a warm day, yet snow spotted the peak of the mountain. Wanting to climb high enough to look down over all of Kater’s Acres, he climbed to the tallest peak. As he turned the corner he saw snow, flowers, and something that scared him. It was a huge green dragon! Not wanting to wake the Dragon, Parker tip toed away … maybe one day he’ll take that hike again, but probably not any time soon.

How He’s Made:

This StoryBook scene is hand made polymer clay in custom color blends. Parker’s snowy peak using glitters and embossing powders embedded into the clay, it was then covered in mica powders in places to bring a lustre to the piece. Parker was made and added facial expressions to mimic a “scared” look. The dragon was then sculpted from a custom blend of green clay, metallic powders were also added to accent the piece. The dragon’s wings were made from copper wire, liquid polymer clay, & alcohol inks. The scene was the decorated with the tiny little polymer clay flowers.


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