Parker & Lolly Halloween Figurines

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Parker by Katie Oskin

NEW Halloween Figurines

Parker & Lolly Halloween Figurines | Frankenstein & Witch by KatersAcres

Parker Frankenstein & Lolly Witch

As you all know, many of my items are limited edition. What does this mean? It’s means that I don’t make that many of them. Why? Because it makes them unique.

Adopt Parker & Lolly Halloween Figurines Now

Adopt a ParkerIn the beginning, there were two sets. One set has already been adopted and will be on its way to its new home shortly. There is one set remaining and it needs to go to a good home. Are you that home? Do you want cute Halloween figurines, if so, this is for you!

Parker & Lolly are all dressed up for Halloween. You are adopting a brand new set of Parker & Lolly figurines in the likeness of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster, better known as Frankenstein, and an adorable witch.

Adopt Me Secret Parker


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