Halloween Witch Parker

Posted on September 17, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin

Halloween is just around the corner!  Spiders, pumpkins, candy corn, halloween decorations, and halloween figurines are decorating shelves of stores across America. Parker doesn’t like a scary Halloween.  So this Parker StoryBook Scene is a cute & cuddly halloween figurine that is acceptable for anyone of any age.

Halloween Witch Parker

Halloween Witch Parker - Limited Edition Polymer Clay Figurine by KatersAcresLast week brought a new release polymer clay figurine into Kater’s Acres.  This is our version of a cute, happy, and non-scary Halloween.  Filled with chocolates, candy, candy corn, pumpkins, and popcorn balls.

Parker’s Story

Parker is getting ready to celebrate Halloween! Parker loves Halloween because he gets to dress up and play. Parker doesn’t like scary things and because of this he’s taking on the “fun” side of halloween. This year Parker is all dressed up and ready to trick or treat as a witch! He’s donned a green color that is almost transparent, a wart on his nose, pumpkins, bubbling green kettle, hat with matching black cape, and of course a purple spider. He can’t wait to say “BOO” to you and wish you a Happy Halloween.

How Parker Was Made

This is a hand sculpted Parker StoryBook Scene, made from Polymer Clay. This is the ONLY Parker to be made like this. This item is handmade with Premo polymer clay. Parker is portrayed in this scene as a cute witch with hat, cape, pumpkins, cauldron, & spider. This item is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) character creation, all handmade from polymer clay.

What to Do with Parker

One of the biggest questions people have is “what do I do with him?”  Well that’s the beauty of Parker.  You can do anything you want with Parker.  You can set him on a bookshelf, use him to decorate a cake, put him on a windowsill, give him as a gift, or make a village out of all your Parker scenes.


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Trina (Trina's Clay Creations)
September 17, 2012

Very cute Katie!


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