Lolly Finds a Beautiful Pearl Dragon in Kater’s Acres

Posted on January 21, 2013 in Parker, Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin


Meet the New Polymer Clay Figurine

Lolly & the Pearl Dragon polymer clay figurine http://katersacres.comMythical creatures and beasts have been found at Kater’s Acres.  Parker awoke a sleeping dragon last week, and this week Lolly has found herself the keeper of the pearls … a gorgeous pink dragon! Meet the newest polymer clay figurine, a gorgeous pink themed StoryBook scene.

Lolly’s Story

Lolly and the Pearl Dragon Polymer Clay Character

On her last hike through the Kater’s Acres woods, Lolly came upon a clearing with beautiful stones all around her. She thought they were just ordinary white rocks, but upon closer inspection, they were pearls! Rocks made from pearls! Lolly got so excited, until she saw what was laying at the edge of the clearing, a huge rose colored dragon! Lolly wanted to run, but when the dragon looked up at her and smiled, Lolly ran toward her. They spent all day chatting together. The dragon told Lolly that her name was “Pearl” and that she was the guardian of all the pearls in Kater’s Acres, even the ones here in this clearing. Lolly told Pearl all about Nimbus and how her and Parker came to Kater’s Acres. Before Lolly knew it, the sun was setting, it was time to go home …

How She’s Made

This is a brand new polymer clay StoryBook Scene featuring Lolly and Pearl, the pearl dragon of Kater’s Acres. This StoryBook scene is hand made polymer clay in custom color blends. Lolly and Pearl sit on a base of green clay, white white “pearl” rocks all around them. Pearl has been made with a custom color blend of red, pink, orange, and blue to give her a lovely blended dark fuchsia color pattern. Pearl has been decorated in the Christi Friesen style and holds a Swarovski pearl in her tail, as well as agate & quartz embedded in her wings & scene. The scene was the decorated with the tiny little polymer clay rocks and millefiori flowers.


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