Meet Breast Cancer HOPE Parker

Posted on February 8, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin


I know many wonderful women who have fought the fight of breast cancer with love, hope, and conviction.  Some have won their battles, while others have lost theirs.  This Parker was made to commemorate all those women who have fought the good fight.  This is one of six Parker figurines that will be made like this.  This is not an OOAK Parker as he will be remade 6 times.  But he is a special edition Parker that you are sure to enjoy.

In this Special Edition Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Parker desires to bring hope to those who are suffering with cancer or who have a family who is struggling with cancer. Unlike our other Parker scenes, this Parker is one of six figurines. Breast Cancer Parker is a special edition. The Parker pictured is not the Parker you will be purchasing, but an example of it. This figurine will only be made six times.

In addition, $7 of the purchase price of this item goes back to Breast Cancer research to help find a cure.
Parker features a marbled base of pink & white clays. He has angel wings with a light pink heart in the center on his back. Sitting in front of him is a pink ribbon with the word “hope.” In addition, this Parker has 7 Swarovski Crystals: one briolette in his hand and six bicones on his base.

Approx. Size: 2″ Tall
Job: Bringing Hope
Personality: Hopeful
Color: Bright Pink
Desire: To find a cure for Breast Cancer
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February 8, 2012

This Parker is absolutely LOVELY
As you know my grandmother passed away from Breast Cancer though she fought the good fight and lived to say goodbye to all her children (who live scattered across the globe)
That's very kind of you to donate a portion to research to help women continue to fight the good fight

February 8, 2012

>I really like this Parker. My younger daughter had breast cancer and the support groups were invaluable. Awareness is the key.


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