New Parker Carmex

Posted on July 2, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin



Item of the Day:

Our beloved Parker is now PORTABLE! Carmex is the world’s favorite brand of lip balm. Parker has graced the lids of many Carmex lids that have been send to customer’s across the United States.

This is a unique lip balm topper that you can take anywhere and everywhere you go. And the best part? You can reuse the lid forever! I have taken a Carmex Lip Balm Pot and covered the lid with polymer clay. One of the cool things is that you can use this lid on your next Carmex lip balm pot. Just throw the bottom part away and keep the topper.

Have you seen this topper before?  You bet!  In Parker’s bold shade of yellow. On many of our items, we advertise customization.  Few people request this special feature, but it is available on most items.  We were recently blessed with a new topper request.  A recent customer from Australia requested a Klimt cane background in varying shades of purples.  This Klimt cane pattern is made up of 3 different colors of purple, with white and fuchsia accents. The results is this lovely and striking topper.

Do you love this topper too?  It’s now available for purchase in our store.  Take your favorite Parker with you everywhere you go, this way your lips will always have a friend.


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