October 2012 Releases

Posted on October 4, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin


YouTube Parker GraphicWe’re doing a new thing here at Kater’s Acres.  Sometime near the first of the month, we will showcase a new YouTube video.

What’s in the YouTube video?

Parker’s upcoming releases for the current month.  Up until now, all of Parker’s releases have been a “surprise” with no chance for you to preview the StoryBook Scenes…but all that is about to change!

Parker’s Moment of Stardom

Fall Parker Icon for KatersAcres

At the beginning of every month, we will release a new YouTube video.  This video will feature the planned releases for the current month.  (In this case, October releases.)  What does this mean for you, our loyal fans?  It means that you will get a chance to preview the StoryBook scenes that are planned for release during the weeks of October.  Some months will also include other Parker items (in addition to StoryBook scenes) that are also planned for release (figurines, ornaments, Carmex toppers, etc).  We may also have some “surprise” releases planned for the month, but they will not be showcased in our videos.  After all…you have to be surprised sometimes in life, right?!  So for now, please enjoy a preview of the upcoming October releases.

October Releases

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Parker StoryBook Scenes & Figurines will be available for purchase at various times throughout the month of October 2012.  

Please remember that all StoryBook scenes are limited edition and available to the first adoptive parent only.



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