Parker & Lolly Halloween StoryBook Scene

Posted on September 1, 2014 in Parker by Katie Oskin

2014 Halloween Decor

Halloween Parker, Lolly, & Mummy StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres


New Parker & Lolly StoryBook Scene

Parker & Lolly’s Story

Parker & Lolly love holidays, especially holidays where they get to decorate. While they were searching Parker’s attic for all his Halloween decor, they heard a light moaning from the corner. It was so dark in Parker’s attic that they could hardly see. Immediately Lolly got out her smartphone and turned on the flashlight. She shined the light all over the room, but there was nothing but a Christmas tree and a mummy in the corner. Wait … did that Mummy just move?! Parker & Lolly made their way to the corner where a delightfully surprised little mummy became their new friend.

How It Was Made

This scene is hand made from polymer clay & mixed media elements. Parker is a yellow color & filled with orange glitter for Halloween. Lolly is her normal metallic mauve color sporting an orange bow. They are featured amongst Halloween decor including pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts, spiders & more! The mummy’s bandages glow in the dark. This is a OOAK item and will not be remade.

Adopt Me Secret Parker


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