StoryBook Scene Feature: Parker & Puffin Figurine

Posted on February 3, 2014 in Parker by Katie Oskin

Brand New Parker & Puffin Figurine

Limited Edition Parker & Puffin StoryBook Scene Figurine by KatersAcres

Limited Edition StoryBook Scene Collectible

Parker’s Story

Limited Edition Parker & Puffin StoryBook Scene Figurine by KatersAcresThere’s been so much cold & snow lately, Parker decided to go outside & play to beat his Cabin Fever Blues! But Parker didn’t want to play just anywhere…he wanted to play on the ice! So Parker went out to Lake Raine and ran into an adorable little Puffin named Puffer. Parker & Puffer became fast friends. They spent all day playing on the ice, skating, ice fishing, and sliding into snow banks. They had a great time together and Parker was sad when this day ended. But he promised Puffer that he would be back soon.

How Parker was Made

This item was handmade with Premo polymer clay and Liquid Fimo Polymer Clay. The base is made of liquid clay & alcohol inks to give the “ice” a swirled effect. The bottom is firm, but feels soft like jelly. This item is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) character creation. Parker is a character that we have created from our sketch-pad to design to reality! All our OOAK items are signed by the artist on the bottom.

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