Parker’s Story StoryBook Scene

Posted on August 6, 2012 in Parker by Katie Oskin


Parker’s Story

StoryBook Scene

This is a brand new handmade figurine that I released to my store last week.  It’s made after the story of Parker and what he leaves behind on Nimbus, and what he finds at his new home on Kater’s Acres.  This is an Open Edition StoryBook Scene which means that it will be made many times until it is retired; it is a handmade figurine that will differ slightly every time it is made, due to its handmade nature.

Parker's Story in Polymer Clay by KatersAcresParker’s story comes to life in this polymer clay Parker StoryBook Scene. Parker lived in the midst of the great clouds of Nimbus, a tiny town tucked high above the clouds beyond the deep blue sky. It was on the Nimbus Rainbow where Parker and his friends played each day. The Nimbus rainbow held all their secrets of magical places, knew all the adventures of make-believe that Parker dreamed and kept the town and it’s children full of life. Yes, Nimbus was a great place to call home. It’s a place Parker longs to return.


His adventure started early one morning. Parker was out playing with his friends on the rainbow, when suddenly, from the far south, they heard a growl of wind. All of Nimbus knew that trouble had come. The wind shrieked and sent them tumbling off the Nimbus Rainbow. Parker fell down through the clouds and down into the land beyond.

As he was falling, Parker fell asleep in the arms of the giant North Wind. When he woke up, he sat up and looked around in amazement, his eyes growing big at the wonderful sights he saw. As he woke up he stood in front of a hand-carved wooden sign. Climbing to his feet, Parker stepped close and squinted at the sign: “Kater’s Acres.” The place he would now call home.


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