B’Sue Boutiques Workshop, Columbiana, Ohio – May 19-21

Posted on March 21, 2017 in In My Studio, Polymer Clay by Katie Oskin

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B’Sue Boutiques Workshop in Columbiana, Ohio – May 19-21

B'Sue Boutiques Workshop | May 19-21, 2017 in Columbiana, Ohio

You will not want to miss this fabulous workshop put on by Brenda Lansdowne of B’Sue Boutiques in Columbiana, Ohio on May 19-21. The B’Sue Boutiques workshop is a mixed media discipline workshop that combines polymer clay and jewelry techniques. This year participants will be learning fantasy faces, faux jade, mini assemblage, and chain making.

B’Sue Boutiques Workshop

Why Attend a Workshop?

The Grumpy Jester Necklace by Katie OskinEveryone who attends workshops do so for a variety of reasons. For each person they are varied and different. When I choose which workshops I attend they are based on a variety of reasons but it boils down to a basic three elements for me:

  • Is the topic being taught something I want to learn, need growth in, or desire to know more about?
  • Will the class allow for open studio / one-on-one time with the instructor if I have additional questions or need more help?
  • Does it fit into my current schedule and budget?

Let’s break down the above questions and I will answer them here for you so you don’t have to wonder. How does that sound? Sound good? Okay! Keep reading.

Fantasy Faces & Faux Jade with Katie

At this B’Sue Boutiques Workshop this year I am teaching Fantasy Faces and Faux Jade techniques. Both of these have wide applications in many media whether a jewelry artist, textile/fiber arts, polymer clay sculptor, bead weaver, mixed media arts, or many others.

Finished Fantasy Faces in bezelDAY 1: I am going to teach you the basics of facial concepts and design. We will start with simple pencil and paper. Break down face shape, structure, symmetry, and proportion. Then we will begin making simple faces with polymer clay. We will break into groups and I will demonstrate the basic techniques to each group on making faces. It’s not as hard as you might think! We’ll have all afternoon to play with our design, shape, & structure of our faces. The evening is an open studio which means you can sit and work on your faces, finish up one (or several others). I will be around the help you individually and answer any questions and offer personal assistance. I will also be doing live demonstrations that evening of a huge variety of face applications and what you can DO with your faces once they are sculpted in their bezel forms. By the end of the evening you will have at least ONE (if not more) finished fantasy face ready to bake, completed in your bezel [as well as many samples, experiments, and trials you might not want to bake].

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Finished Fantasy Faces in framesDAY 2: The second day at the B’Sue Boutiques Workshop I will show you how to finish your faces by adding paints to  bring your faces them to life. Later in the morning I will also show you how I make my own Faux Jade clay recipe. Once you learn how to make the faux jade clay recipe you can use it to make a wide variety of polymer clay beads, baubles, and jewels. During the workshop, I will show you how to inset your newly baked face bezels from the previous day. I will also demonstrate how to make various beads and details to accent your faux jade focal face beads. By the end of the evening all the polymer clay will need put away as the following day will be focused on our jewelry work.

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DAY 3: The third day of the workshop will be taught by Brenda Lansdowne and Javiera Perry. They will be teaching mini-assemblage and wire chain techniques. A good time will be had by all!


Registration for this 3 day workshop is through a private FaceBook group run by Brenda Lansdowne. The cost for the 3 day workshop is $285. You are responsible to make all your own arrangements. If you do not have a FaceBook account or are not a part of the group, you can call Brenda directly to register.

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March 24, 2017

Excellent post! I LOVE the subjects you have selected to teach because even though most who follow me are jewelry makers and most who follow you do figural sculpture etc, the two blend beautifully and the techniques apply all across the board. For those who do mostly clay, with my mini assemblage class you will quickly see how the things we do it bibs and bobs and baubles could ALSO be done with bits of polymer clay! We will be reviewing balance and placement and since the projects are small and simple, you will come away with some finished work and all KINDS of brand new ideas. I am a mixed media assemblage artist and am the only one in Christi Friesen’s Neighborhood who ISN’T a clay artist….because what I do goes hand in hand with clay. I do my best networking with clay teachers and I LOVE clay and Katie’s teaching style is just perfect for people at all levels. Everyone will be delighted! Javi’s part of the Sunday session is just a demo, but something you will love learning. Making chain links with wire is not difficult and is a clever skill to have in your bag of tricks. I’ll also be doing a SWELLEGANT demo Saturday night to show you how to dye brass chain as well as colorize raw pewter. So there are a TON of reasons to come….besides the fact that we have the best time, the best group ever. This is not a classroom full of ego, my way is better than yours. It is a time of sharing, support, mutual encouragement and creative growth. If you have the winter doldrums and need a good kick start, here is where to get it. You will come out of this experience lighter than air, with renewed energy and all kinds of new ideas. And many new friends!


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