Summer Chubbies 2012

Posted on May 15, 2012 in Kater's Acres by Katie Oskin



Our newest Chubby line was released yesterday.  They are once again cute, colorful, bright, and will make a great addition to your Chubby collection, next birthday cake, or seasonal ocean decor.  There are 12 figurines in this limited edition set.  As always the 12th piece is a surprise release and is not shown until the day of his release.
We are so appreciative of your patience while we were on vacation.  And we’re so glad to be back home, working in our studio, and enjoying the whimsical side of life.
Stop by Kater’s Acres and see what other new things we have in our store for you.  This week’s new releases will include one new Chubby Crab per day, a new Chubby Wolf, some cute new Carmex toppers, a NEW Parker scene to be released on Wednesday, and a sports themed Parker on Friday.  Thanks for stopping and join us again tomorrow.

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