The Oak Wizard’s Wand

Posted on January 20, 2012 in Kater's Acres by Katie Oskin


Deep within Kater’s Acres forest lives a magical wizard. He is known to all as The Oak Wizard. He is very old, a sight for anyone to behold. His long white beard, wrinkled eyes, and large nose are an instant sign of his wisdom. The Oak Wizard is thought to be over 500 years old. This is his wand. The Oak Wizard uses it to grow beautiful tree in the forest. His greatest spell is turning a dead stumped tree into the largest tree in the whole woods. This wand looks like the wood of an oak tree, with oak leaves, and sparkles dangling from it. This wizard’s wand is most certainly the most powerful wand of the forest, belonging to the most powerful wizard of the forest.

Our WIZARD’S WANDS are made around a wooden armature for strength, durability, and support. The OAK WIZARD’S WAND measures approximately 11″ long. It is made entirely of polymer clay (except for the armature). The colors of this wand are a custom blend of chocolate brown, purple, orange, gold, & a hint of black. It resembles a natural wood grain pattern. Oak leaves cover part of the handle of the wand, while smaller leaves begin up the shaft of the wand. The oak leaves on the wand have been given metallic pearl effects in gold, bronze, and dark green. The dangling leaves from the wand have been accented with five different color Swarovski Crystals.

All our wands are OOAK and will not be reproduced. Please know that you are getting an original, handcrafted, unique piece of art. This item is not meant to be used as a toy as it could break. Likewise, this wand is not real, it is a handmade item. It does not perform or carry out magic spells in any way.

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January 20, 2012

>Beautiful wands with such a fun background story. Too bad they don't perform any real magic, sure looks like it can. I'd like one that I can use to turn my shaded backyard into a wild bird paradise. Sounds like something the OAK wizard would be familiar with

New England Quilter
January 20, 2012

>Beautiful Wand – and I love the story of the magical wizard.


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