The Twelve Days of Christmas Is Coming Soon to KatersAcres

Posted on October 25, 2012 in Kater's Acres, Offers, Parker by Katie Oskin

12 Days of Christmas Coming Soon to KatersAcres

Christmas Already?

You’ve seen it everywhere you look: red, green, gold, white, and yes even the first signs of Christmas joy decorating retail stores around the country.  But this year Parker will be doing something special.  Parker loves decorating for Christmas, and wants to help you decorate with twelve (yes, there are 12) new polymer clay Christmas figurines.

Available for preview on November 1st on our YouTube channel, Parker will make his Christmas debut appearance.  We’re celebrating Christmas with twelve limited edition polymer clay Christmas figurines.  That’s right, just like the Twelve Days of Christmas.  But, we’re not following the traditional 12 Days of Christmas Themes.

What to Expect:

Each and every Parker StoryBook scene will feature a different story, characters, features and different moral lessons.  Like most of our polymer clay figurines, these are a limited edition christmas figurine and will not be recreated.  These figurines will be sold to the first buyer only; so be sure to act quickly if you see a Parker StoryBook Scene or figurine you like.  These will be the only Christmas figurines I will release before the Christmas season.  Don’t miss out!

The Details:

An Unexpected Friend - Parker StoryBook Scene - 12 Days of ChristmasOn November 2nd, 2012 the first of twelve limited edition polymer clay christmas figurines will be released into our Etsy store.  The first Parker StoryBook Scene to be released is pictured at left.  There will only be 12 limited edition polymer clay figurines released in Christmas themes for this season…so don’t miss out! Make sure you stop by and adopt your Parker before someone else does.  Parker’s will be released in the order they appear on the YouTube video, one figurine at a time every day (except Sunday).

Here’s a special secret for our readers: there’s a special offer at the END of our YouTube video; you won’t want to miss this one.

Want Something Special?

Did you want a special Parker StoryBook Scene created for someone that you love?  We are always happy to make custom items to your specifications.  Contact us to determine the time frame, size, & estimate for your handmade creation that you will enjoy for years to come.


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