A Mailbox Blessing

Posted on March 4, 2012 in Life by Katie Oskin


The Story of Our Mailbox

Isn’t it just lovely?!  Well, after over 2 years of trying to get it set up at the end of the road, it finally happened.  We received this beautiful mailbox as a wedding gift from my in-laws.  Our old mailbox was falling apart and in a very bad way.  After we got married by adorable husband said, :I’m just going to fix the one we have and get some more “life” out of it.”  You need to understand that my hubby, as wonderful as he is, fixes everything until it can not be fixed anymore.  So out came the wood shims, bungee straps, and yes…silver chrome (or shall I say duct tape).  

Needless to say, the “pretty girl” in me shuddered every time I looked at it.  I secretly yearned for the day when I could put up my nice, new, black mailbox with cute lettering on it.  One side has a fun font (the side pictured above) and the other side has a jumbo lettered name in normal font.  Why different you might ask?  We live less than 1 mile inside the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line, so the “cute” side faces Ohio and the “serious” side faces the post carrier as he drops off our mail.

Last week we got a “friendly” reminder from our post office that we had to replace our mailbox or we would be fined…so guess what happened this week?  I got my new mailbox!!!  It’s funny how sometimes even the smallest thing (like a new mailbox) reminds you how blessed you are.  Some of you may be thinking that sounds silly, but let’s be honest there is more than 1 blessing here: My husband is knowledgable enough to fix it, thank you Lord!  The old ratty one was replaced with a shiny new one, again, thank you Lord!  And the biggest blessing: for the first time my husbands name no longer stands alone by the road, my husbands name is my name as we share the mailbox together at our little acreage of happiness, love, joy, & blessings is Pennsylvania.  

Thank you to my dearest hubby for making our mailbox last another two years, but thank you also for finally replacing it with this nice new one!
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Trina (Trina's Clay Creations)
March 4, 2012

>Sweet story of your great new mailbox Katie! Thanks for sharing, and many more sweet blessings are wished for you both!! 🙂


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