Carmex Lime Twist Review

Posted on July 20, 2012 in Life by Katie Oskin


Carmex Lime Twist Lip Balm StickWhat’s in a Lip Balm?

Here’s a question that many of us don’t ask ourselves. What do I want from something? We ask it about items and products that cost a lot of money, but we often don’t consider it when something is as little as $2.00. Big mistake. Why keep putting money into something that doesn’t give you what you need? Today we’re featuring an awesome product Carmex Lime Twist lip balm and why you need to go buy at least 4 of them, right now! In our own words, here is our Carmex Lime Twist review.

Carmex Lime Twist Review by KatersAcresWhat’s to love?

There are lots of things to love about Carmex. The cool pots that your finger fits in perfectly, the tingle when you put it on, the camphor scent that reminds you it’s special, and the way your lips feel soft all day.  And there’s more too.  Last week you read what I didn’t like about the Carmex pot…aftertaste in the morning – YUCK!  This being said, their Original Pot during the day is absolutely wonderful!

Citrus Nut!

I must admit first that I am a citrus fanatic.  The candles in my home: citrus. My favorite cookies are lemon bars. And without a doubt my favorite lip balm: Carmex Lime Twist.  I must also say that the reason I tried Carmex in the first place was because I was given an opportunity by Carmex to try their product and compare it to my favorite (at the time) Blistex.  I have posted my results in different articles throughout my blog. But I have never, I repeat never, found a lip balm that I like as much as this, Carmex Lime Twist.  WOW!

Carmex Lime Twist Review

What I love about this product is the way it glides on, like an ice skater across ice, it’s smooth, controlled, and gentle.  It doesn’t cake on this and heavy, nor does it leave “clumps” behind like some other brands do.  I’m sure part of that reason is the beeswax in the lip balm. But that tingle…MMMmmm! The camphor goes to work right away and what’s left behind, but a gentle kiss of lime, sweet and soft, making you dream of summer, butterflies, and quiet spaces. Carmex graciously sent me my first tube, and if they had not done that, I would not have known what I was missing.  As soon as I put it on, I was in LOVE.  I went to the store the same day to purchase a few more…since then I have purchased at least 6 of these for myself, 2 for my Mom, and 2 for my best friend.

Why buy 4 at one time?

You might be wondering why I’m sending you out to buy 4 of these.  Here’s where you will need them:

  • In your purse
  • In your car (not on hot days)
  • In your pocket
  • And one next to your bed

Thank you Carmex for making the best lip balm I have ever used…ever!

If you love Carmex too, don’t forget to enter Carmex’s “Sticks in a blanket” giveaway.


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