Carmex Review

Posted on July 12, 2012 in Life by Katie Oskin


It has now been several months since I took on the Carmex Challenge, my personal journey to test Carmex versus Blistex, my all time favorite.

While I have my favorites in the Carmex brand, the ultimate challenge was for this: the Original Carmex Jar, you know, the one in the pot with the bright yellow lid…the one that the whole world loves (shown at left with Parker).

I have found that truly, I really like it.  It’s long wearing (lasting through 2 cups of coffee and for this coffee-holic, this is impressive) and has tingle (a requirement for me).  I originally set out with these specific things I wanted from my everyday lip balm:

  • nourishing properties that keep chapped lips at bay
  • non-greasy feeling
  • supreme moisture
  • quick and easy application
  • a lip balm that lasts and does not wear off easily
So how did Carmex perform? You can view my original findings here.  But here are some of my additional thoughts. I love the feel and tingle of it on my lips.  I like the non-sticky, non-greasy, moisturizing feeling that is left behind.  Supreme moisture? YES! This definitely offers a barrier to keeping moisture on my lips and not fading away into the humidity of NW Pennsylvania!  Quick and easy.  If you like sticking your finger in the pot (which I don’t personally mind), then this is perfect!  Does it last and not wear off. It holds out through both of my morning cups of coffee.  This is truly impressive.
So where’s the downside.  This is big for me.  I’m sad to say that though during day wear this lip balm offers everything I want and more…it truly does not perform as well overnight.  Before I go to bed at night I do three things, put lotion on my hands/arms, brush teeth, and slather on the Blistex…or in my experiments case, Carmex.  While it lasts throughout the night, I am disappointed in the taste that is left behind upon waking up in the morning. It’s bad, just bad…there’s no other way to say it. I took out the variables (no water during bed time, same toothpaste at night, same mouthwash) and I found a disheartening dilemma.  The lip balm that I was quickly liking after giving it a chance, does not perform to my expectations at night.
The long and short of it is this: during the day, I’m carrying a Parker Carmex with me in my purse. At night, sorry Carmex, but I’m still sticking to the Blistex.  Though it doesn’t last until morning, there is no aftertaste.  Look for my upcoming post on my favorite Carmex products next week!

Want to see what Carmex has to offer?  View their products here.

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Marianne - Calliope
July 12, 2012

Fair and diplomatic assessment. I don’t like the tingle for myself. Too much like burning. I’m such a frail flower. LOL

July 12, 2012

Hahahaha Marianne! You are not a frail flower. I just happen to like the tingle because it makes me feel like it’s doing something “beneficial” for my lips!


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