Carmex Travels

Posted on May 3, 2012 in Life by Katie Oskin


As you all know I’m in the middle of testing Carmex to decide if my allegiance will change from Blistex to Carmex.  I’m still enjoying fully exploring some of the benefits of the Original Carmex Jar lip balm.  Some of my favorite features are that it is more than a lip balm.  I decided to see what other uses it would have and tried it on a few “non-lip” places.  Did you know that the Original Carmex Jar works great on your cuticles?  Neither did I until last week.  Did you know that Original Carmex works great on those little dry patches on your nose when your allergies have been bothering you.

But the bottom line is that I’m enjoying my trials with Carmex.  I have noticed one big bummer, but I’m saving that for my next Carmex post when I return.  I’m still trying their various products from the ones that Carmex so generously sent me.  So which one am I taking in my travel bag?

I’m taking the Carmex Lime Twist Stick! Why have I chosen this product to take in my bag?  In the blistering 90 degree heat of Florida, a pot just doesn’t seem to make sense.  But the SPF and tingling lime are just two of the good things that this product boasts.  The image below has been captured from Carma-labs website.

So while we are gone, we will be trying out this new Carmex Lime chap stick and we will give you the full report when we return.

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