Grocery Challenge

Posted on June 8, 2012 in Life by Katie Oskin


Well….I’m challenging myself this month.  I’m doing something that I have NEVER done in my entire life.  I will be doing all my grocery shopping for ONE MONTH in ONE DAY.  Yes…you read that right.  I will be doing my grocery shopping for an entire month in one day.

Here are a few things to note before you try this yourself.  Hubby & I are trying with all our might to pinch & save every penny we can, read some of the ways we do this here.  So budgeting has been our lifestyle for several years now.  Because of this, I have always had hubby & I eat from a meal plan since we have been married.  All this does is help me out…by cutting the stress, worry, & trying to decide on last minute meals.  However, this being said, it doesn’t do much for my hubby.  You can see our many previous posts on meal planning, but start with this one if your interest is peaked.

All this aside, the reason I’m trying this is not ONLY for our budget, but because I have friend’s that do this and do it successfully.  Wouldn’t it be nice to only have to go to the store once a month?  YES.  Does this mean I probably will NOT end up back at the store?  NO.  Why, you ask?  We live 25 minutes from the closest major shopping area, that’s one hour just in the car to get groceries every week.  YUCK.  I would LOVE to just have to sneak into Ray’s (our local grocery 5 minutes from my house) and pick up the gallon of milk, eggs, & bananas that I need.  How much easier was that?  LOTS easier.

Here’s what I already know: the bill will be astronomical…but I just have to keep in mind that these groceries are for the whole month, not for just the week or next two weeks.  And I also know that I WILL forget something.  However, I always do anyway, so this isn’t that big of a deal to me.  So…we’re going to see if I can do it.  I always plan my meals out at least one month at a time.  So knowing what we’re going to eat will not be an issue.  The issue will be running out of what we need.  Despite this, I’m going to try it!  We’ll see if I can do it.  Click here to download a FREE Coffee themed meal planner we created or visit our store where you will find some of Parker’s newest helpers, including meal planners.


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