Polymer Clay Challenge – April Face Sculptures

Posted on April 28, 2016 in Fantasy Sculptures, Polymer Clay Challenge by Katie Oskin

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge

April Polymer Clay Fantasy FACES by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres #2016CChallenge

April Face Sculpture

The reason that I started the Polymer Clay Challenge back in 2015 was to get people to GROW in their polymer clay skills. Please read January’s post to see what challenge I have taken on this year and how I am pushing myself to grow and expand my skills as an artist.

I have always been drawn to the fantasy sculpture realm. Until this year my face sculptures have been more cartoon like. Which makes my soul sing because that’s what I like … but this year I decided that I would make it a personal goal to try my hand at whimsical facial sculpting. Not realism, but fantasy realism; akin to Dawn Schiller and Maureen Carlson.

April’s Face Sculptures

April Polymer Clay Fantasy FACES by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres #2016CChallengeMy goal for the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge was to create just one fantasy face sculpture per month … the first two months of the year, I was able to get more than one face sculpted, in March I only achieved one face (which means I met my goal). Once again this month I learned a lot, I learned what I do and what I don’t like and what I want to focus on.

The face in the top right of the picture I thoroughly love. He’s whimsical, cute, playful and a whole lot of fun. I really enjoyed making him and his weird little ears. I much prefer my faces to have huge noses, but for this guy, the little nose works. There are few things I’d change for this little guy.

The little face on the bottom, you know, the one that looks like a cross between a pig and a person … yeah, this one is awesome. I followed a different tutorial trying to grow and expand my skill set … this tutorial and me did not get along. Can you tell? I think I’ll go back to making a combination of the Dawn Schiller and Maureen Carlson techniques. Don’t miss Maureen’s book review here.

Materials & Tools Used: Christi Friesen Tools Set, Color Shapers Silicone Sculpting Tools (Size 0 & 2), Hand-blended Custom Color: Super Sculpey, Living Doll, & Premo! Polymer Clays; Wooden Beads, Mica PowdersBlending ChalksAcrylic Paints

The “Face Vase”

The necessity of the "Face Vase" by KatersAcresMy favorite project of the month grew from my need to find a “home” for all these faces I am working on. I seem to have amassed quite a collection! One day this “Face Vase” will be so filled with faces, I’ll actually have to find a use for them. Gee … imagine that. I will be making plenty more “Face Vases” in the future as I found this to be quite fun and relaxing. I love making “functional” items instead of just decor and the face that I can USE this project … it’s a win win! I loved this project so much that I turned it into a tutorial for Club Members. You don’t have to be a Club Member to get the tutorial however, you can get the tutorial here.

Get the “Face Vase” Tutorial Here

Polymer Clay Face Vase Tutorial by KatersAcres

The point of participating in the Polymer Clay Challenge is that you are pushing yourself to really grow, to focus on something you may not have otherwise tackled. With every fantasy face sculpture I make, I get more comfortable, more relaxed, and enjoy the process more and more; the byproduct, is that I get better and hone my sculpting skills … and that’s exactly how crafters become artists, and artists become professionals.

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