April 2014 Review

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Parker's Clayful Tutorials by Katie Oskin

April 2014 Review

Parker's Clayful Tutorials, April 2014 Review by KatersAcres

Two Polymer Clay Tutorials

Polymer Clay Bunny Rabbit Tutorial by KatersAcres | A Parker's Clayful Tutorial Club Exclusive - April 2014Polymer Clay Caned Spring Flower by KatersAcresThis month, subscribers to Parker’s Clayful Tutorials received two tutorials for two different kinds of projects: one was a sculpture based project and the other was a simple cane using sculpted petals to make a flower.

One of the Club Members wrote that “the flower tutorial allowed her to think outside the box in a way I hadn’t thought of approaching a project.”

One of the things that is incredible with polymer clay is that you can do almost anything with it! You can blend it to make new colors, you can antique it for effect, you can make repeating patterns … there are a huge variety of techniques that can be done with clay. If you are wondering if you can do something with clay, you must first conquer your fear and dive in. Only if you first try will you know whether or not it can be done. After all, the next technique is just waiting to be discovered.

Where to Get Back Issues

I have been asked if back issues of these projects are available for purchase for non-Club Members. Yes, some of them are available for individual purchase in my Etsy shop. However, some of the projects are exclusive club projects and are available only to Members of the Club and will not be released for individual purchase. Back issues of tutorials range in price from $5 – $20 per tutorial. Becoming a club member will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Special Offer

For a limited time, you can subscribe to Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club for just $5 for your first month (this will give you 2 great PDF tutorials). This is a great offer and will give you a “preview” of what you might expect from a basic monthly membership in the club. Remember that you can cancel or rejoin the club at any time.


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