Come Join the Circus!

Posted on August 3, 2016 in Parker's Clayful Tutorials, Polymer Clay Adventure, Tutorials by Katie Oskin


Come Join the Circus

There’s been a lot of buzz around the interwebs lately with invitations for each of you to join the Circus! The buzz is coming from my email, Facebook groups, and various other sites because the Circus is coming to town. In case you didn’t read my email, my class for the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure launches on Friday. My interview went live last Friday where I talked about creativity, showed off my studio, and even a few favorite tools.

Why I Believe in Learning

Polymer Clay Pedestals by KatersAcres | CLICK for a FREE tutorial or Pin Now, Read LaterIt is always a good thing for us to continue our creative journeys. There is always something new to be learned. Always something new to understand. Always some new way to look at things. Here’s part of the problem … we reach a certain age and the focus of learning shifts to our children or their children. We think “I don’t have time to learn anything new” but the reality is you do, you just have to make that choice. Here on the blog I believe so much in helping people to learn and to grow that just on this blog alone I have over 200 FREE polymer clay tutorials. Take some time out for yourself and try one of these free projects.

2016 Polymer Clay Adventure

Polymer Clay Adventure - Katie OskinBecause I cherish the opportunity to share what I know with each of you, I am honored to teach for the 2nd year at the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure. This year I am teaching a class I’ve entitled “Circus.” Why, because there are few memories of childhood that makes me as happy as remembering going to the Circus. From the local Shriner’s Circus to Barnum & Bailey’s … the circus is just plain fun. I hope that each and every one of you who take my class will have fun along the way while learning to create your own articulated lion.

More Circus Fun

Polymer Clay Circus Clown Tutorial by KatersAcresThis month Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club Members will be receiving 3 PDF tutorials themed around the Circus. The first was this adorable pair of clowns. 2 other fun tutorials will be coming later this month too. If you would like to join Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club there is a current discount to join the Club. You can get 2 PDF tutorials a month for just $9.95, that’s less than $5 per tutorial!


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