Polymer Clay Design

Posted on August 17, 2012 in Polymer Clay by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Design

Are you looking for some inspiring polymer clay designs?  Do you get “stuck” and not know what to create or what to make?  We’ve been curating boards on Pinterest that incorporate all different kinds of polymer clay designs, concepts, colors, and ideas.  We have over 2,000 pins on these boards, so you are sure to find something to inspire you.

General Polymer Clay Designs

Polymer Clay Pinterest Board by KatersAcresIf you are looking for general inspiration, this Polymer Clay Board has a lot of different techniques and elements that don’t fit into my other board categories.  From pens to inchies, designs, and clay types.  There are over 700 pins to inspire you and move you to action.



Polymer Clay Buttons Pinterest Board by KatersAcresPolymer Clay Button Inspiration

If you are into buttons, there are hundreds of ideas to inspire you.  From simple canes sliced to make buttons to complex multi layer caned patterns.  There are hundreds of buttons that are sure to give you visions of those tiny little adornments of every shape and size ready to be made and worked into lovely designs by your talented hands.

Polymer Clay Canes

Polymer Clay Canes Pinterest Board by KatersAcresThere are literally thousands of canes that you can create.  Some canes are simple and take only minutes while others are more complex and take hours or days to create to completion.  There are lots of designs that you can piece together from the canes we’ve gathered and curated.



Polymer Clay Tutorials

Polymer Clay Tutorials Pinterest Board by KatersAcresAnd just in case those boards, or any of the other ones we’ve curated are inspiring enough, don’t miss our Polymer Clay Tutorials Board that we have gathered and curated from all around the internet.  Some are from YouTube, others are from private blogs.  There’s a wealth of really cool ideas, techniques, and inspiration for every uninspired moment you’ll ever have when working with clay.


Don’t Miss Our Other Boards on Pinterest! Stop by and follow all our new polymer clay finds.

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Marianne - Calliope
August 17, 2012

Katie – LOOOOOOVE your picture. Wowzer!

August 18, 2012

Thank you Marianne!


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