Polymer Clay Book of the Month – The Complete Book of Polymer Clay

Posted on February 5, 2016 in Product Reviews by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Book of the Month:

Book of Month - Feb - LP Complete Book of PC

The Complete Book of Polymer Clay

by Lisa Pavelka

If you are new to KatersAcres, welcome to the clay FUN ZONE! If you are not new to KatersAcres, welcome back. Over the life of KatersAcres polymer clay adventures, we have played host to two year long endeavors with other artists. The first: The Friesen Project which is now an ongoing project available to anyone. The second: The Pavelka Project which was over in December.

Who Is Lisa Pavelka?

Lisa PavelkaLisa Pavelka is no stranger to KatersAcres or to the polymer clay world as a whole. Last year she joined us right here for a year long endeavor, The Pavelka Project. To all of you who participated, I hope you had fun. Lisa is a mixed media guru famous for her polymer & metal clay work and a Swarovski ambassador.

Every month here on the site we are choosing one polymer clay tutorial of the month and one polymer clay book of the month. This month’s book and tutorial are by the same person, the fabulous Lisa Pavelka.

What’s So Special About This Book?


I have reviewed this book in the past and you can read the review here. My first copy was so well loved and read that I had to purchase a new one. Alas … the price you pay for being a bibliophile. One of the great things about being a bibliophile is that I’m never at a loss for something to read, especially clay books! Lisa’s book offer a wide spectrum of projects, design styles, and even simple canes. This is a book you won’t want to miss.

In collaboration with Lisa Pavelka, later this month we will have a giveaway and a tutorial spin-off from the book.

 Lisa Pavelka Class, Wave Spinner Ring for the Polymer Clay AdventureLisa is one of 22 teachers for the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure.

Lisa’s class at the Polymer Clay Adventure has already been released. I’ve already taken it and as usual, it’s fantastic! Come and join us.

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“Polymer Clay Book of the Month” is a new series we are doing throughout 2016. The series runs on the 1st Friday of every month. If you would like to submit your polymer clay book for consideration, please email me here.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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