Repurpose Your Old Exacto Blades

Posted on May 26, 2012 in Hints, Tips, & Tricks, Tutorials by Katie Oskin


During a normal week, I send out at least ONE polymer clay tip or polymer clay tutorial via Twitter or my FaceBook page, and sometimes both.  Last weeks’ tip had a huge response.  It was shared, retweeted, and commented on more times that any previous tip I had posted.  

I bet by now you’re wondering what that awesome tip was.  It was the post above: “Don’t throw out your OLD exact blades.  Use scrap clay, made a handle, and embed them inside.  Makes a great utility knife.”  While that may sound basic … I was surprised the number of twitter comments I got in response… especially those asking to SEE what I had done with it.

So today, I thought that I would show you exactly what my scrap clay & repurposed exacto blade look like.  It’s not fancy, but it is kind of pretty for scrap clay.  

To make your own: use a repurposed Exacto blade (which means a damaged Exacto blade) that has been well loved during your crafting and embed it into a snake of clay.  Very carefully close the clay around the blade by rolling it.  I added a snake of scrap yellow clay as a top design to “seal” the seams better.  I also added a little bling with a glass hot fix crystal.  

I want to be as kind to our environment as I can without going to extremes and this is just ONE way that I can do that.  You can’t see it in the picture but there are several large “dinks” in the steel that make it difficult to cut perfect edges anymore.  But for rough cuts and small places, this is ideal.  Enjoy & let me know if you try this polymer clay tutorial and make one of these for yourself!

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June 18, 2015

This is one of the greatest Ideas ever” I am making one right now.

May 26, 2012

>Another of your terrific ideas. You ought to write a book! (okay, another book) LOL

May 26, 2012

>Katie I love this
I have a similar tool created using a NEW blade. Makes an awesome sculpting/cutting tool. And yes, I use my blunt one to cut random clay piece like cutting a chunk off a new bar of clay


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