Etsy Relist Maniac

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.  We’re in a hurry and what do we do? We sit staring at our expired Etsy items and in a hurry click relist.  Bad, bad, bad.  Shame on you! Here’s the why you should not be arbitrarily clicking relist anymore.

Don't just hit 'relist' - Build Your Brand & think before you take action.

Are You a Etsy Relist Maniac?

It’s easy to do and it’s easy to fall into that habit.  But I’m begging you, for the sake of your business – stop doing that right now.  This is truly one of the worst mistakes & habits you can get into on Etsy.  We have talked about this before in our Build Your Brand, but we’ve never talked about it step by step and explained why you need to do this. Continue reading Etsy Relist Maniac

Coffee Cream Recipe

CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcres

Homemade Copycat Recipe:

Coffeemate’s Italian Sweet Creme

CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcresAs all of my readers know, I am a lover of coffee.  I’m a coffee enthusiast who can drink the warm bronze liquid (or cold bronze liquid) any hour of the day. I love it. I can’t help myself, I just do. One of the things that I find myself spending a significant amount of money on is Coffee-Mate’s Italian Sweet Creme coffee creamer. Oh…it’s almost too good. But to be honest, the $3.00-$4.00 price tag is a killer on the shopping budget. Especially when hubby and I go through one of these 32 oz. containers a week.

So, I decided to make my own. Continue reading Coffee Cream Recipe

30 Minute Plan for Your Etsy Shop

30 Minute Etsy Plan by KatersAcres


30 Minute Etsy Plan by KatersAcresSpend 30 Minutes or Less on Etsy a Day & Still Succeed:

I have several friends on Etsy right now who have been struggling with time management and getting everything done in their Etsy store. Running at Etsy store can be a time consuming all day job if you let it.  Even Etsy is aware of this as their forum this month is teaching you how to be more productive with that time.  Several of the tips Etsy is giving you I have already posted about on my blog in our Build Your Brand Series. But it’s summer and it’s time for you to have a break! Besides, with the notoriously slow retail shopping season that peaks in July and ramps up toward September again, there are much better things you should be doing with your time. In today’s Build Your Brand series, we are going to talk about how to get the basics done in just 30 minutes a day…no more and no less!

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Social Media Restraint


[dropcap]Last week I was dumbfounded at the number of social networks that I belonged to.[/dropcap]It wasn’t that this was a problem…or was it? It has been felt widely by the Etsy community that the more social networks you are on, the better! After all, being part of 1 or more social networks does increase your back links and online presence, right? Wrong.

This past week it was pointed out to me how wrong I actually am. I have several friends who are marketing guru’s. The best of the best and the most informed of anyone I know regarding social media. My one friend said to me, “you know you don’t have to be a part of everything, right?” That was it…this one comment changed my social media outlook and life. And here’s why…

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Parker’s Story

Parker’s story begins in a place not of this world…

Parker lived in the midst of the great clouds of Nimbus, a tiny town tucked high above the clouds beyond the deep blue sky.  It was on the Nimbus Rainbow where Parker and his friends played each day. They would slide along the colored beams that arched over the town, dancing in the light each morning and playing in its rays.

The Nimbus rainbow held all their secrets of magical places, knew all the adventures of make-believe that Parker dreamed and kept the town and it’s children full of life.  Yes, Nimbus was a great place to call home. It’s a place Parker longs to return.

.. Continue reading Parker’s Story

Using Lotion with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tip - Use Lotion First from KatersAcres

Using Lotion with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tip - Use Lotion First from KatersAcres


Haven’t you ever noticed how after claying all day (or part of the day) your hands are dried out, your cuticles begin to tear, and you get a large amount of hangnails?  This is because the clay (though non-toxic and gentle) takes the moisture that is in your hands and absorbs it…all of it.
This being said, there are several things that I have on my studio table at all times.

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What Makes Parker Special?

What makes Parker so special?  There are lots of things that make him special.  But today we want to discuss why Parker is so cherished, beloved, and a great piece of art.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at one of our StoryBook Scenes and decided, “I just don’t think I can let someone adopt this one.” Ultimately, if I did that with every item I make, you’d never see anything new in our store, my house would be overflowing with adorable clay figurines, and I’m pretty sure my husband would think I was a crazy lady. Continue reading What Makes Parker Special?

Repurpose X-acto Blades Using Scrap Polymer Clay

 Repurpose X-acto Blades Into a Great New Tool

Repurpose x-acto blades? Absolutely you can do that! This simple and quick tip had a huge response in last week’s email, twitter, & even on FaceBook.  It was shared, retweeted, and commented on more times that any previous tip I had posted. So today I will show you how you can take that old, grungy, and slightly beat up old cutting blade and repurpose x-acto blades into something more useful.

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Build Your Brand with Twitter

We have talked in several of our posts regarding your brand about FaceBook.  It seems to me that after following many of you on Twitter & FaceBook that the one thing you are NOT doing is being social.
Social media is called “social media” for a reason.  Social media gives you a reason to interact with another person, it allows you to put a name & personality with your brand image. As I browse through several of your Twitter accounts I see things like this:

You’re probably looking at this thinking: “Gee, that looks familiar…I do that too.”  If this is all you do, you will NEVER get followers and people will not click on your links. Let’s see what you can do to make your tweets effective.

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Embossing with Powders a Polymer Clay Tutorial

Embossing with Powders a Polymer Clay Tutorial

Have you ever taken the time to emboss something on your clay?  I love to emboss patterns, stamps, and whatever kind of texture “catches” me at that moment.  I love the crisp, clean, almost effortless and yet professional look it gives to my pieces.  One of the hardest things for me however, is embossing with powders (i.e.: Pearl ex, Perfect Pearls, etc).  A lot of clayers have problems with this as well.

I’ve read many articles that say you should slightly dampen your stamps first.  *Sigh*  This still didn’t help me.  The result was half on and half off, dark in some places and not in others, you get the idea…I just wasn’t happy with the results.  And I always emboss things…so I needed a solution that was quick, easy, and stress free.

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FaceBook Helps


Today we are going to talk about Facebook.  Many people are split in how they feel about Facebook.  Some people love it, other people hate it.  This being said, one of the things that we should all have is a facebook fan page…that’s right a facebook fan page.  

Why should you have this?  This gives your store and your “Brand” a place to interact with customers.  It allows you to be different from those other companies…it allows you to be YOU!  It gives you a voice, personality, and reminds your fans and buyers that you are a REAL person, not just some company.  But we know the one thing that you all hate: SPAM.

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Carmex Lip Balm Toppers


Carmex Lip Balm Toppers

One of the things we have really enjoyed making this Spring are our Carmex Lip Balm Toppers.  We have made them for gifts for holidays and special friends in the past, but we have never sold them.  With Lisa Pavelka‘s launch of her covered Carmex tops for 2012 and in celebration of Carmex’s birthday, we thought that we would offer some cute, nice, & friendly looking toppers to one of our favorite lip balms, Carmex.  We have already sold several of these cute decorated Carmex lip balms through our store.  Here’s a sneak peak at several of the upcoming releases for our store.  As long as you like them and you use them, we’ll continue to make them.

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Faux Stained Glass?! Made with Polymer Clay

Faux Stained Glass

with Translucent Liquid Sculpey


We are trying some new things with our store this year.  Some of those things we have never done before.  Or in the case of our Interpretive Art Pendant Series, we’ve done them a lot, but never listed them in our Etsy store.  One of the NEW things that we are trying to 2012 is “faux stained glass” sun catchers.   Continue reading Faux Stained Glass?! Made with Polymer Clay