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Build Your Brand with Twitter

We have talked in several of our posts regarding your brand about FaceBook.  It seems to me that after following many of you on Twitter & FaceBook that the one thing you are NOT doing is being social.
Social media is called “social media” for a reason.  Social media gives you a reason to interact with another person, it allows you to put a name & personality with your brand image. As I browse through several of your Twitter accounts I see things like this:

You’re probably looking at this thinking: “Gee, that looks familiar…I do that too.”  If this is all you do, you will NEVER get followers and people will not click on your links. Let’s see what you can do to make your tweets effective.

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Embossing with Powders a Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Embossing with Powders a Polymer Clay Tutorial

Have you ever taken the time to emboss something on your clay?  I love to emboss patterns, stamps, and whatever kind of texture “catches” me at that moment.  I love the crisp, clean, almost effortless and yet professional look it gives to my pieces.  One of the hardest things for me however, is embossing with powders (i.e.: Pearl ex, Perfect Pearls, etc).  A lot of clayers have problems with this as well.

I’ve read many articles that say you should slightly dampen your stamps first.  *Sigh*  This still didn’t help me.  The result was half on and half off, dark in some places and not in others, you get the idea…I just wasn’t happy with the results.  And I always emboss things…so I needed a solution that was quick, easy, and stress free.

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FaceBook Helps

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Today we are going to talk about Facebook.  Many people are split in how they feel about Facebook.  Some people love it, other people hate it.  This being said, one of the things that we should all have is a facebook fan page…that’s right a facebook fan page.  

Why should you have this?  This gives your store and your “Brand” a place to interact with customers.  It allows you to be different from those other companies…it allows you to be YOU!  It gives you a voice, personality, and reminds your fans and buyers that you are a REAL person, not just some company.  But we know the one thing that you all hate: SPAM.

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Carmex Lip Balm Toppers

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Carmex Lip Balm Toppers

One of the things we have really enjoyed making this Spring are our Carmex Lip Balm Toppers.  We have made them for gifts for holidays and special friends in the past, but we have never sold them.  With Lisa Pavelka‘s launch of her covered Carmex tops for 2012 and in celebration of Carmex’s birthday, we thought that we would offer some cute, nice, & friendly looking toppers to one of our favorite lip balms, Carmex.  We have already sold several of these cute decorated Carmex lip balms through our store.  Here’s a sneak peak at several of the upcoming releases for our store.  As long as you like them and you use them, we’ll continue to make them.

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Faux Stained Glass?! Made with Polymer Clay

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Faux Stained Glass

with Translucent Liquid Sculpey


We are trying some new things with our store this year.  Some of those things we have never done before.  Or in the case of our Interpretive Art Pendant Series, we’ve done them a lot, but never listed them in our Etsy store.  One of the NEW things that we are trying to 2012 is “faux stained glass” sun catchers.   Continue reading Faux Stained Glass?! Made with Polymer Clay

Pinterest Tutorial for Success in Your Small Business

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KatersAcres on Pinterest


The Basics of Pinterest Tutorial

Not being spammy, and pinning valid items to you and to your business is important.  If people find you “spammy” they will not follow you…or they will follow you and quickly “unfollow” you.  This is true of all social media sites, from Flickr, FaceBook, Twitter, and many more.

So here’s how to be a success on Pinterest.  This Pinterest tutorial will guide you step by step through a simple process and set up to creating a following, driving traffic, and peaking interest on the social media newcomer. Continue reading Pinterest Tutorial for Success in Your Small Business

No Such Thing as Scrap Clay Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Blocks

No Such Thing As Scrap Clay

You’ve heard it said many times in polymer clay books, in tutorials, and most likely many other places that there is “no such thing as scrap clay.”  But there’s a trick to gaining usable scrap clay and not just a mess of murky, brown, dirty ugliness. Continue reading No Such Thing as Scrap Clay Tutorial

Getting Ready For A Craft Show

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Build Your Brand Craft Show Series - So You Want to Do a Craft Show
Getting ready for a craft show shouldn’t be a last minute deal. Getting ready for a craft show requires preparation, even up to a year in advance for the better and bigger shows. After doing Craft Shows for over six years now, I have some tips and some pointers that newbie crafters (or even craft show pros) may find helpful.  I’m writing this in timeline form so that it is easy to follow.

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Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Tutorial

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 Skill Level: Basic Knowledge of Polymer Clay

Minimum Supplies Needed: Basic Supplies & 1 Cup of Coffee

Time to make 1 Mokume Gane Loaf: Approximately 45 minutes

This is a great polymer clay tutorial that has many uses. Mokume gane can be used in beads, projects, jewelry, covering, and even as a background for textured and embossed pieces. Mokume gane is versatile and offers hundreds of color combinations, color palettes, and unique design patters, that you can not simply plan. Thanks for join us for this polymer clay tutorial. Read our other polymer clay tutorials here.

These are the basic supplies you will need:

Blades, needle tools, ball tipped tools, and other tools to indent your clay, as well as a piece of cardstock or other paper to work on, and a pasta machine.

And don’t forget the most important: a cup of coffee. Continue reading Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Tutorial

10 Polymer Clay Tips & Tricks

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Polymer Clay Tips from KatersAcres

As with all things in life, we pick some things up and get good at them…and yet with other things we need help.  I am a 100% self taught polymer clay artist.  I have never taken a class on sculpting, pottery, drawing or anything else.  I have purchased several polymer clay books and use several very religiously.  But over the past 3 years, I have learned many things about working with polymer clay.  Today I will share with you 10 hints, tips, & tricks for working with polymer clay that you may not already know.

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Iced Coffee Recipe

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Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee has never tasted better than on a 90+ degree day, such as we had here yesterday in NW Pennsylvania.  One of my favorite summer drinks is by far iced coffee.  I used to spend over $3.00 on ONE of these at the nearest Dunkin’ Donut or Starbucks.  But now, I’ve gotten smarter!  I’ve figured out how to make the PERFECT cup of iced coffee, each and every time.  And the best part, it costs only about $0.30 per glass to make. So, if you’re a fan of this cooled down, chilled out, version of the famous Cup of Joe, you’ve got to try this! You can tailor this base iced coffee recipe to suit your tastes. Continue reading Iced Coffee Recipe

Product & Store Testimonials

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KatersAcres Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for it anymore!  
Read what our fan have to say about our items with these KatersAcres testimonials:
  • “I LOVE PARKER!!! so adorable… makes me smile every time I see him with me!” ~Krystal, owner of the Original Parker Keychain
  • “I love my Parker!” ~CanineCloset owner of the LE Glitter Parker Keychain
  • “He’s so adorable, I love him. And I love the card to fill out for him, it’s cute and clever. Thank you!!”  ~AngelasPaperArt, Owner of The Original Parker Cell Phone Strap
  • “Katie’s work can be found in any dictionary under the word “adorable”!” ~Jill Q.
  • “So cute and adorable!” ~Inessa
  • “So adorable!! I don’t even have words” ~ASDesigns

If you have bought one of our items, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this post.

Thank you to each of you, our buyers, friends, and followers for your faithful support and encouragement of our store and our products.  God bless you!

Polymer Clay Tutorial: Christmas Whimsical Lightbulb

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DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Bulb

Just In Time for the Holidays

DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Bulb

Polymer Clay Tutorial:

Whimsical Christmas Lightbulb Ornament

Skill Level: Basic Knowledge of Polymer Clay

Minimum Supplies Needed: Basic Supplies & 1 Cup of Coffee

Time to make 1 ornament: Approximately 20 minutes from start until ready to bake

First thing is first: Get a cup of coffee!!

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