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Build Your Brand by Being Destination from KatersAcres Blog

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

Build Your Brand Series

Every Wednesday I gather all my readers here for some words of wisdom and advice on how to better market your Etsy store through my Build Your Brand series.  Today I’m going to share with you the number one key to all the shops who are able to Quit Their Day Job, be a Featured Seller for the Etsy Marketplace, gain repeat customers, and keep people returning time and time again.  So how do you do that?  Just a few words of advice will get you moving and help you along your way to quitting your day job.

Build Your Brand by Being Destination from KatersAcres BlogBe The Destination

Many sellers turn to the Etsy blog for wisdom, advice, and “how to” related helps for their Etsy stores.  One of the pieces of advice given in March of this year during Etsy’s “Get Found” shop makeover series featured this key piece of advice by HeyMichelle:

“Creating a cohesive, branded line is key for getting your shop noticed. When your products, packaging, and online presence all work together to convey a specific look, your shop becomes a memorable destination.”

Think about it.  If every one of us did this, there would be no doubt that our customers would return again and again.  Why?  Because with a simple cohesive look, your store has become a destination, rather than an online storefront.  What makes Disney so recognizable?  In part it is their matching fonts and icon, Mickey Mouse.

What Makes You Return?

What do you love about your favorite department store that keeps you coming back?  My favorite department store is spacious (things aren’t all bunched together with hundreds of items you can miss), it’s stark white & stainless look keeps my focus and allows their product to stand out.  Your store should make people want to be there…want to go there often…want to return…and want to buy.  But you must have something that is the same throughout your store, even if your products are different.  This article on Etsy is about cohesion and the look of your store is a good place to start.

What You Need

  1. You need a logo!  The first thing that you need is an icon, graphic, logo, or photo of one of your items that will be the same everywhere you can be found on the internet.  Why?  Because with just one look, people will instantly recognize who you are.  For Kater’s Acres, that image is Parker.
  2. Keep all your online presences up to date.  For example, I recently changed Parker’s icon into a fall theme.  What I forgot to change was my Pinterest icon.  It still had Parker celebrating his birthday from last week.  If you’re going to change your graphics, have them all ready, sit down, and do it all at once.
  3. Offer the same kind of pictures in your store.  You can vary the angles and such, but your photographs should give a cohesive look to your items.  DellCoveSpices is an Etsy store that does this very well.  She credits her photographic look and feel to CrystalGaylePhotography who takes all her product photos.  Crystal also offers photography for your Etsy products to help give you that selling edge.

In order to stand out on Etsy.  You MUST be a destination, not a store.  People want to come to your store for something.  What is it?  As I have said before, just because you can make anything doesn’t mean you should.  Click to read more on this topic.


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9 thoughts on “Be a Destination

  1. Great article! The branding for my labels has evolved so much over the past year and a half, that it’s a challenge to stay up to date with photos in my store. I’ll keep working to do a better job at it. Thanks!

  2. Great advice! Thanks Katie!

  3. All excellent points! Great advice!

  4. Great info! I really should make my icons all uniform.

  5. Ouch! Guilty as charged. Sigh…

  6. Thank you for featuring our shop! We agree – a focused look really helps with your branding. It can be expensive to have all of your products shot by a professional photographer – but we have found that such expenses quickly paid off in increased sales.

    Love the idea of adjusting the .avis … must do that this week!

    Good luck, everyone!

  7. Love the info thank you so much I need as much as i can get lol

  8. Wonderful information. I could work on some of this stuff with my etsy shop too.

  9. Great article and very informative. Always helps to discover more of what we can do as shop owners so that others can continue to find us.

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