Etsy’s New “Browse” Feature has Etsy Sellers Worried

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Etsy is constantly working to improve the way that they offer handmade and vintage items to the buyers on Etsy.  According to Etsy, they began experimenting with a new browsing option in the “wedding” area of Etsy and found that it yielded terrific results.  Because of these results, Etsy launched the new “Browse” shopping experience about two weeks ago, while not completely eliminating the “categories” module for basic searches, it has changed the overall feel and look of the Etsy shopping experience.  Now users are given the option to “browse Etsy” using a new innovative search tool.  Here’s my thoughts on the feature and a few tips for you to continue to Build Your Brand on Etsy and achieve Etsy success.


Build Your Brand: How To Make the Best of Etsy's New Browse Feature on Kater's Acres BlogFirst of all, one of the biggest things that Etsy sellers struggle with is tagging your items.  There are lots of possibilities to help you tag your items.  There are helpful tips, guides, and information put out by Etsy to help sellers tag their items effectively.  One of the most recent articles is about optimizing your ads with effective keyword descriptors, something that many Etsy sellers neglect.

You can find keyword helps in many ways.  Some of the easiest are to use Etsy’s built in search features.  When you begin to type a word, Etsy completes it for you. (See the graphic at right).  This will give you the most common searches for whatever you are looking for.

Building Your Brand with Etsy's New Browse Feature & Optimizing Your Store on KatersAcres BlogAnother way to find your key words is to check your own Etsy Shop Statistics.  Look at how people are finding your store.  What keywords are they using to find you?  Do all your items contain at least one or some of those keywords you see there?  If not…you need to revise your listings.


As you have heard over and over from me is not to forget the basics.  Basics of selling, tagging, and key words are important not only for your Etsy store, but for being found in Google searches as well.  In case you missed our previous post, please go and read the article I wrote on tagging.  This should help jump-start your brain to pick awesome keywords for your items.  Remember that in order for the browse Etsy option to work for you, you must be good at the basics!


Being Found by Etsy's New Browse Feature on KatersAcres BlogHow do you know if you are being found in Etsy’s new “Browse?”  It should show up in your Shop Statistics section.  Here’s an example of what it might look like.  For me, I showed up in the “Home & Living” as well as the “Halloween” browse sections and was found through those two places.  I can find myself in other places too, but no matter how “precisely” I think I’ve optimized my listings, I still can’t seem to make it to the first page in any of my listed “browse” sections.  *sigh*  I’ll keep working on that and let you know how it goes.  Until then do your best to find yourself in the new “browse etsy” section.  If you find yourself (finally on page 6) you might rework or reword some of your listings to help you get found.


Personally, I think that the new Browse feature is going to help me get found.  I’ll be honest, when I am looking for something, I never browse, I type in the search bar exactly what I am looking for…and so do a lot of other people.  One seller, Crystal from CrystalPhotography has experienced an increase in overall shop views and in hearts given to her items since the installation of the new browsing feature.  However, she has also seen a slight decrease in total item views.  As for me, I have experienced a huge increase in total shop views & item views with a decrease in the amount of “hearts” my items are given.  Based on just these two experiences from two very different types of shops, I’d say that the consensus is what you make of it.


Etsy Tagging Tips by KatersAcres - Build Your Brand Series on katersacres.comIn my opinion, the bottom line here is that if your store is optimized correctly with tags, keywords, and awesome photographs you ARE going to get found in browse.  Will be you on the front page?  Perhaps not.  But you will be found.  The browse feature will set apart those stores that are working hard to optimize their items.  You know which stores I’m talking about…those that actually spend time writing a careful planned, well written ad.  An ad that has specifically chosen keyword rich content as well as correct and appropriate tags.  It is the stores that desire to Be A Destination and not just a fly-by-night craft shop that will see this new Etsy feature work for them!

Stay tuned next week for more important information on building your brand.

For additional information on how to use Etsy’s new Browse feature, please click here to read Etsy’s article.
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10 thoughts on “Etsy’s New “Browse” Feature has Etsy Sellers Worried

  1. Thank you for sharing this info and your thoughts on it Katie! You are so right about tagging and key words. I added new tags on all of my wedding cake toppers, re-doing titles and tags, when they first began the new browsing option for weddings, and I can see where it has helped a lot. I have been ‘re-visiting’ my older pieces to make sure I’m using all the most important tags and key words. It’s time consuming and I agree, it is an ongoing effort to optimize key words, but well worth it.

  2. As always, terrific information well presented. Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Thanks for the info! It seems that browse feature requires us to focus more on the basics of tagging and key words. Not scary at all.

  4. Hi katie! I saw your post listed in the Etsy Blog Team forum. I love how detailed you made everything. One thing about Browse that most people aren’t aware of is that each category, within the browse sections, are made from a multiple of popular searches for an item type. Recency is also a larger factor in browse than in search because of the limited categories and clustered searches.

    Thanks for the post! Brittany

  5. With a bit of work, I hope I can get my tags updated and hopefully found a little more readily. Thanks for the post about this and the mention!

  6. Great info, Katie! Optimizing keywords and ads is definitely an on-going effort. Right now I seem to be found more with search so will need to work on optimizing the browse feature a little more.

  7. AWESOME post! Mind if I share the link in my next newsletter in the Must Read section?

    1. Not at all Kelly! Thanks for doing so!

      1. Great! It comes out again next Tuesday 🙂 And by the way, Happy Anniversary!

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