Enhance Your Etsy Items with Keyword Tags To Get Found This Christmas

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Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

Etsy is gearing up for some big sales events this month.  Two of those events are Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  In order to get your store ready, we’re going to talk about tags that you can use to help your store get found on Etsy and give you a boost and potential holiday sales so that you too can experience Etsy success.  With Etsy’s new “browse” feature in full force, you need to learn how to tag your items appropriately in order to get found.


If you haven’t brushed up on your keywords & tags, check this article on tagging or check this article on Etsy’s new browse feature.  Take a moment to read these articles, after you’ve read this article of course.


Etsy Tagging Tips by KatersAcres - Build Your Brand Series on katersacres.comLet’s remember that you should never use a tag that doesn’t apply to your item.  This is against Etsy’s terms of service, but will also get you turned in and reported to Etsy in a hurry.  So, a word to the wise, if you value your store…don’t do it!

  • Versions of the word “gift” should be on a majority of your listings (or at least the popular ones).  Words like present and package are used in general language terms but often forgotten when we add tags.  However, if you generate a search on Etsy for present you’ll find that it is used…especially with “Christmas present.”
  • Do you offer customization?  Don’t forget to tag that!!!  Use tags like personalization, customize, customizable, name, initial, monogram, etc.  Remember to think outside the box.


Build Your Brand Preparing for the Holidays

Etsy offers a few different auto-tags that will be promoted throughout the site.  Direct from the Etsy at the Merchandising Desk:

Gifts by Price: Shoppers usually have price buckets in mind when shopping for holiday gifts. Having a range of prices in your shop will help you reach several targets. Help them meet their budgeting goals by grouping your products into popular buckets:

  • Under $25
  • Under $50
  • Under $75
  • Under $100
  • Noteworthy & Luxury Gifts


While these are traditional shopping times, Etsy helps to promote items within their own site that are pre-tagged appropriately.  Etsy will promote the tag “Black Friday Etsy” on Black Friday, November 23.  Etsy will also promote “Cyber Monday Etsy” on Cyber Monday, November 25.  Click here to read more details on Etsy’s promotional events for these days.


You need to think about the possibility of using two word tags.  Often we forget that Etsy allows 20 characters for all of their tags.  Why not use the tag “Christmas gift” instead of “christmas” and “gift.”  In this case you’ve earned another tag that you can use for another high quality tag.


Get Your Etsy Shop Optimized for Etsy Success this Holiday Shopping SeasonDon’t forget to add tags to some of your items based on who they are for.  Here are some easy & simple tags you can use.  Remember to put “Gift for” before the named person (ie: gift for mom).  Try some of these: Mom, Dad, hostess, parents, grandparents, grandma, grandpa, kids, children, teen, tween, baby, hostess, coworker, colleague, boss and friend.  And don’t forget to use a few plurals of those tags.


This is just a hint for everyone.  For every 10 items in your store, pick 1 that you will add your store name to.  For example on a Parker I have the tag “KatersAcres.”  Why?  Because sometimes people don’t realize that they have to do a different kind of search to find your store.  By using your store name, it assures at least one or more of your items will “pop up” when your buyer looks for your specific store.  Pretty cool trick huh?  If you like this tip, retweet this article below, thanks!

Please make sure that you read the Etsy Blog for their Holiday Merchandising Desk so that you too can experience Etsy success.

Find more information on tagging your items here by following the link through Pinterest.

 Stay tuned next week for more important information on building your brand.

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12 thoughts on “Enhance Your Etsy Items with Keyword Tags To Get Found This Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for the great advice.

  2. Awesome tips! I’m going to add my shop name to a few listings now!

  3. Thanks fopr the great info once again. Now to put it into practice – thats the hard part!

  4. Thanks for the info on tags. It really does make a big difference.

  5. Thank You for sharing !! Good tips 🙂

  6. Great ideas! My tags have improved so much over the past year, through the wisdom of sellers such as you. I also break out “dlites” and “dorene”, just in case they spell either incorrectly!

  7. Mark it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well, hmmmm, I thought we were supposed to put our shop name as one of our tags all the time. Hmmm, need to rethink that.

    About Tags – I changed and put Art, Sculpture on my Spirit Stones and little totems and small stylized cactus. My most recent buyer who bought a ton of stuff told me she searched ‘sculptures’ and found my shop. “Cold Chills… what if I hadn’t ever put ‘sculptures’ in my tags?

  9. Wonderful ideas for tagging, Katie! Thank you!

  10. I should work on my tags today. This can be done from home in my pajamas 🙂

  11. more great tips… I so need to work on my tags!

  12. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to add those tags to all 300+ listings. Thanks for the info!

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